The Rape Fantasy Can Seem Totally Crazy – But There’s A Reason Why Many Women Love it… Read On and You’ll Find Out Exactly What You Need To Know…

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The fact that many women love the RAPE fantasy should tell you a lot about how sexual women really are.

Some fantasies are meant to remain exactly that – fantasies.

Other fantasies are very real sexual desires that women think about and actually want to experience ‘in real life.’

Needless to say…

The rape fantasy is a fantasy that’s meant to remain a fantasy because no woman in her right mind actually wants to be raped.

However, what this extreme fantasy has to tell us about female sexuality is very powerful and you can give your woman everything she craves in the rape fantasy, without actually raping her!

Read on and it’ll all make sense…

Women Have An Unspoken Desire To Be ‘Taken’

Sex is a very tricky subject for many women. After all, they want it and they want it to be good – but they often don’t tell men exactly what they want because they fear being negatively judged.

I can tell you that for many women, some of the strongest sexual desires and fantasies involve things like these:

  • Hard, rough sex
  • Being ‘taken’
  • Being used
  • Being forced

The reason why the rape fantasy is so powerful is because it allows women to experience all of those things without having to ASK for them.

If she has to ask – she’ll feel like a slut. Not how she wants to feel.

If it ‘just happens’ to her – she can go with it, and later, in her mind – she can blame the guy for the fact that it happened.

How To Make This Powerful Fantasy A Reality For Your Woman…

Woman in black pantiesIf your woman enjoys the rape fantasy, it’s possible to leverage that fact to give her MASSIVE sexual pleasure.

Remember that when women are in a heightened sexual state – they will roll with just about ANYTHING you say, provided they take you seriously.

Therefore, when you’re fucking her hard from behind and she’s climaxing over and over again, you can talk dirty and say things like:

“I’m going to rape you baby”

“I’m gonna use your body to make myself feel good”

“I’m going to fuck your sex holes against your own will”

And she’ll ‘get off’ on your every word.

It might sound extreme – but for women who enjoy the rape fantasy (and that’s A LOT of women) this is very powerful.

Of course, you can even take things a stage further and do full on ‘role play rape.’

In this case, you might get your woman a little hot and horny, then say, in a serious and commanding voice:

“I’m going to rape you and there’s nothing you can do to stop me”

She’ll play along and try to fight you off. From there – she can fully surrender to you and get lost in the fantasy.

Needless to say – you need a high level of TRUST and RESPECT to even think about doing this with your woman.

IMPORTANT: When To Avoid The Rape Fantasy…

There are certain women who are unlikely to ever respond well to the rape fantasy.

Such women include those who have actually been raped ‘for real’ and those who have been abused (sexually or otherwise) by former partners, family members, or strangers.

If you know for a fact that your woman has been unfortunate enough to experience some kind sexual of abuse – full on rape or otherwise – you’d be wise to avoid the rape fantasy.

And that’s not really a problem because there are a million and one other ways to blow your woman’s mind in the bedroom!

In my Bedroom Boss program there are 69 different nights all laid out for you with step-by-step instructions. Many of the ‘nights’ play on some of the most powerful female sexual fantasies, including the desire for hard, rough sex where they feel like they’re being ‘taken.’

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