Here’s Exactly What You Need To Know To Get Your Woman To Share Her Sexual Fantasies With You and Get Her To Want To Act Out Your Fantasies…

A couple of days ago I received a great question regarding female sexual FANTASIES from one of my male readers…

It went something like this:

“Hey Adam, how can I get my woman to open up more to me in the bedroom and share her sexual fantasises with me?”

Here’s what you need to know…

What I’m about to share with you is a long way from how most ‘sex experts’ would tell you to go about getting your woman to share her sexual fantasies with you – but it is the TRUTH…

And it has nothing to do with sitting down with her and ‘talking about it.’

That approach is HOPELESS.

She almost certainly won’t open up and share her sexual fantasies with you over a bowl of Cornflakes and a glass of orange juice because it makes her feel too self-conscious and she’s probably scared to death that you won’t be able to handle her fantasies!

Women Have Extreme Fantasies…

Being taken hard from behind fantasyIt goes without saying that every woman is different and has different sexual fantasies. It’s also true to say that women’s fantasies may change over time, particularly when it comes to specific details.

For instance, several years back a female friend of mine had this reoccurring fantasy about being a ‘naughty school girl’ who was ‘punished’ by her head teacher.

But at this present moment in time, this same female friend tells me that she’s regularly fantasizing about being a ‘naughty nurse’ who goes to the Doctors office and gets disciplined for doing her job incorrectly.

As you can see – my friend likes ‘role-play.’

However, despite her fantasises changing over time, common themes remain the same. And I can tell you – many of the themes in her fantasies are themes that almost every woman has in her fantasies.

You see, most women’s fantasies are pretty EXTREME.

Certainly much more extreme than most men would believe.

Common Themes In Women’s Sexual Fantasies…

 The common themes in virtually EVERY woman’s sexual fantasies are:

  • Being dominated
  • Surrendering to a man
  • Losing control and letting him ‘call the shots’

Basically, you can give your woman GREAT SEX without knowing the exact specifics of her fantasies. Simply dominate her in the bedroom, get her to surrender to you and assume all control (thus relinquishing her of all control) and you’ll be off to a great start.

Throw in some dirty talk

Make it ‘naughty’…

Do new things very often…

And, of course – give her MULTIPLE ORGASMS every time – and she’ll consider you a FANTASY that has become a reality!

Now, with all that said – the question still remains…

How Do You Get Her To Tell You Her Sexual Fantasies?

The lesbian fantasyI can tell you one thing for certain…

The more PLEASURE you give her in the bedroom and the better you treat her OUTSIDE the bedroom (so she trusts you) – the more she will open up to you and share her fantasies with you.

Seriously – once you get the vaginal orgasms during intercourse working, not only does the sex becoming way more fulfilling for her… she also starts to take you more seriously and is more willing to share her deepest, darkest, most overly sexual thoughts with you.

One word of advice is to never tell your woman that her fantasies are WRONG.

Never ever criticise her fantasises.

After all – she’s opening up to her and ‘putting it all on the line.’ So if you throw it back in her face and make her feel bad about it… she won’t share her sexual fantasies with you again. And you’ll probably find she’s not as responsive to you in the bedroom.

As I said earlier – women have some very EXTREME fantasies. Rape, gangbangs and orgies feature in many women fantasies. Having sex with multiple men, being ‘used’ and ‘getting it on’ with strangers feature commonly as well.

The female mind is a very interesting thing my friend. Enjoy exploring it, but be ready for what lies inside – it’s probably way more extreme, adventurous and overtly sexual than you ever previously imagined.

Create Fantasies For Her…

The stripper fantasyUltimately, I’m not really a fan of asking women about their sexual fantasies. Instead, I prefer to plant fantasies in my woman’s mind when she is close to orgasm and during orgasm, using dirty talk.

This is the correct time to plant fantasies in your woman’s mind because when she is close to orgasm and during orgasm –she is most susceptible to new sexual ideas.

This technique puts YOU in the dominant position – which is exactly what she wants.

It essentially gives you power over her thoughts and desires, which is a very powerful thing – so use it with integrity at all times.

And never talk to her when she’s close to orgasm and during orgasm about something you don’t want to do in ‘real life’ because if you do it with enough intensity, she WILL want to do it.

So, whilst the idea of seeing her getting banged by 10 guys might occasionally turn you on when you’re day-dreaming – don’t mention it to her when she’s close or during orgasm unless you actually want to see her take on 10 guys FOR REAL.

You see, if you plant the fantasy in her mind and then say “NO” when she asks if you can act it out for real – she’ll lose respect for you.

The Correct Way To Plant Fantasies In Her Mind…

Catwoman fantasyThink of something sexual you want to do with your woman that you’ve never done with her before.

Then talk dirty to her about that thing when she’s close to orgasm and during orgasm.

Now, here’s the important bit…

When you’re talking dirty – the primary aim is to associate that ‘thing’ with her PLEASURE.

Let’s use anal sex as an example…

To get her to BEG YOU for anal sex, say things like this when she’s close to orgasm and during her orgasm – whilst you’re inside her pussy.

“You’d love it if I fucked your ass right now baby”

“You love that cock in your ass”

“It makes you cum so hard when I fuck your tight little ass”

Now you may be thinking:

“But Adam. I’m not in her ass. I’m in her pussy. Won’t she think what I’m saying is weird?”

Good question.

However, when she’s close to orgasm and during orgasm she is no longer thinking LOGICALLY. She’s thinking EMOTIONALLY…

So if you deliver your dirty talk with confidence and authority – she’ll roll with just about whatever you say.

That’s power.

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