If You’re Sick And Tired Of Plain Old ‘Vanilla’ Sex - Or Frustrated Because You're Having No Sex Whatsoever – These SECRETS Will Help You To Bring Out Your Woman’s Inner ‘Bad Girl’ And Get All The Red-Hot Dirty Sex You Could Ever Want…

Cute blonde girlDear friend who wants to have more interesting, fun and exciting sex,

Have you ever had any of the following things happen to YOU?

You were having sex several times a week with your girlfriend, fiancée, wife (or even a woman you were 'just seeing for sex') and although you were having a lot of sex - the sex wasn't the kind of sex you wanted

  • You asked a woman to try something NEW with you in the bedroom and she didn't react well - either taking offence or laughing at your suggestion
  • You just weren't getting as much sex as you'd like (or perhaps you weren't having any sex at all), leaving you sexually frustrated
  • You were receiving a HAND JOB or ORAL SEX from a woman and she just didn't have a clue what she was doing
  • You wanted to have anal sex with a woman, but you didn't know how to get her to try it with you
  • You were in a relationship with a woman that was really great, except for the fact that THE SEX WAS LAME and she didn't fulfil your sexual needs - in other words... great girl, but she didn't sexually satisfy you
  • You were seeing a woman who didn't want as much sex as you... her sex-drive was LOWER than yours... leaving you frustrated and wanting more
  • You were actually having GREAT SEX with your woman and you wanted to take things to the next level and try new stuff in the bedroom, but you didn't know how to communicate these desires to your woman

Now let me ask you this:

Are you experiencing any of those situations in your life right now?

Are you dating - or in a relationship with - a woman who isn't totally SEXUALLY SATISFYING you? 

Here's A Huge Secret About 'Women And Sex'…

The secret is that you can get any woman to do absolutely ANYTHING you want in bed…

And I do mean absolutely ANYTHING…

But here's the thing...

Most men don't understand how a woman's mind works IN THE BEDROOM and they have no idea how to communicate their sexual intentions to their women - the end result being that most men aren't sexually satisfied and they are actually sexually frustrated most of the time.

Pretty sad.

However, with that said - this doesn't have to be your reality...

You CAN unleash your woman’s inner ‘bad girl’ and get her to do absolutely anything you want in bed. Period.

You see, the truth is that all you need are some simple tips and techniques and you'll be having the exact TYPE OF SEX you want to have with your woman very soon.

Now, read this next part carefully because I'm going to share 3 HUGE MISTAKES with you that average men make in the bedroom all the time - mistakes that STOP their women from wanting to do what they want in the bedroom...

3 HUGE MISTAKES Most Men Make That Stop Their Women From Wanting To Please Them In The Bedroom...

NOTE: Having helped thousands of men to improve their sex-lives and because I get dozens of emails a day from guys who want help with their 'bedroom activities', I can safely say that more than 90% of men make at least one of these destructive mistakes every time they 'get it on' with their women…

Mistake 1

Giving Their Women Lame Sex...

There are a lot of guys out there who give their women LAME SEX.

Said differently - they go to bed with their women on a regular basis and FAIL to SEXUALLY SATISFY them.

Not good.

Then these guys wonder why their women often can't be bothered to have sex and when they do, they don't seem very into it and they don’t want to do anything other than lie on their backs and wait for it to be over and done with.

But when you stop and think about it - it makes PERFECT sense...

If you don't sexually satisfy your woman, why should she be bothered to try new things in the bedroom and satisfy you?

Here's a simple, yet incredibly important TIP…

If you want your woman to do absolutely ANYTHING you want in bed, make sure you SATISFY HER every time you have sex with her.

Mistake 2

Talking To Their Women As If Sex Is A Logical Event...

Here's another huge mistake many average men make when it comes to sex...

They talk to their women as if sex is a LOGICAL EVENT.

This means that when they want their women to try something new in the bedroom they often try to have a logical conversation with her about it - perhaps over breakfast, whilst watching television or whilst driving in the car.

The problem is - this approach very rarely works.

The reason why this approach rarely gets your woman to do what you want in bed - and very often annoys her and makes her NOT want to do what you want - is because for women SEX is an EMOTIONAL event.

Let me be clear…

For women – sex is NOT a logical thing.

This means that if you want to get your woman to do absolutely ANYTHING you want IN BED - you have to appeal to her emotional side and not her logical side.

Super-important TIP:

Saying something like THIS to your woman over breakfast will rarely work:

"Hey honey, will you give me oral sex tonight?"

However, saying something like THIS to your woman - immediately after you've given her a powerful ORGASM - will virtually ALWAYS work:

"Babe, suck me off"

See the difference?

Good, let's move on...

Mistake 3
Failing To Talk Dirty In The Bedroom...

This is a MASSIVE MISTAKE and virtually guarantees that a man will NEVER get his woman to do everything he wants in the bedroom.

Now, how can DIRTY TALK have such a big effect on what your woman does for you IN THE BEDROOM?

Good question.

The answer is actually very simple...

To get your woman to do EVERYTHING you want IN BED, you have to effectively communicate your desires to her in a way that makes her want to fulfil those desires for you.

And in the bedroom - the only way to effectively communicate your sexual desires to your woman is by using DIRTY TALK.

The sad fact is that most men are scared to talk dirty, or they had one or two bad experiences with it and it put them off for life.

But the thing is - they don't realize that by failing to talk dirty they will never get their women to do everything they want in the bedroom.


The simplest and most effective way to get your woman to do absolutely ANYTHING you want in bed is to communicate your desires to her using DIRTY TALK.

Obviously you need to know what to say, when to say it and how to say it - but the most important point is this... In the bedroom you use DIRTY TALK to tell her what YOU want.

The Truth Is Right Here…
How To Unleash Your Woman’s Inner ‘Bad Girl’
And Get Her To Do ANYTHING You Want In Bed…

Unleash Her 'Bad Girl' by Adam ArmstrongThe truth is that there are lots of products on the market that teach MEN how to give their women INCREDIBLE SEXUAL PLEASURE.


There are very few (if any) products that teach men how to have more pleasure in the bedroom.

It's always about how to give your woman more pleasure.

But what about YOU?

You deserve to experience INCREDIBLE PLEASURE during sex too, right?

Of course you do.

And that's exactly what my book Unleash Her ‘Bad Girl’ will teach you how to do.

It'll teach you how to not only get your woman to do absolutely ANYTHING you want in bed - it'll also teach you how to get her to do anything you want IN BED and actually LOVE doing it.

And that's a very big deal because you don't ever want your woman to do sexual things for you because she feels like she should or because you are forcing her into it.

That's not cool.

You want your woman to fulfil your sexual desires because SHE WANTS TO do so.

That's the healthy way to look at things in the bedroom.

Inside Unleash Her ‘Bad Girl’ I will reveal to you:


Unleash Her 'Bad Girl'

  • How to get your woman to BEG to give you ORAL SEX - "YES", really... I'll teach you how to make your woman BEG to SUCK YOU OFF (take a second to imagine that - your woman begging to please you with her mouth!)
  • 5 sneaky (yet totally ethical) techniques for turning your woman on and getting her IN THE MOOD whenever you like - so you won't ever have to be frustrated again because you want sex and she's "not in the mood"
  • Why giving your woman ORGASMS is essential if you want her to do absolutely ANYTHING for you in the bedroom
  • A simple technique to get your woman to suck her juices off your 'tool'
  • A simple "2 Step Process" for getting your woman to obey your commands in the bedroom (this is ridiculously easy-to-learn and works every time)
  • 7 different Hand Job Techniques your woman can use to give you incredible pleasure
  • A little-known, yet remarkably powerful concept that’ll help you to understand how women are 'wired' when it comes to SEX (this concept will help you to get your woman to give you everything you want in bed)
  • The secret reason why most men struggle to get what they truly want in the bedroom
  • 7 Oral Sex Techniques you can teach your woman to use as she's pleasuring you with her mouth
  • 5 things you need to do in the bedroom to make your woman totally crazy about you (NOTE: When she's totally crazy about you it's about a million times easier to get her to do ANYTHING you want in bed)
  • The BIGGEST MISTAKES most men make that 'turn their women off' and STOP them from wanting to do what their men want in the bedroom
  • A simple way to increase your woman's sex-drive (meaning you'll get MORE SEX)
  • How to teach your woman to give you a SENSUAL MASSAGE - "YES"... I'll teach you how to get your woman to give YOU the perfect massage
  • How to teach your woman to give you HAND JOBS from Heaven and mind-blowing ORAL SEX - receiving PLEASURE will never have felt so good
  • 2 techniques for getting your woman to be more careful with her teeth when she's giving you oral sex (if the first technique doesn't work, the second one WILL)
  • Why many women only seem to have 'one gear' when they give you pleasure and how to train your woman to mix things up and make it WAY MORE EXCITING as she pleasures you
  • What to do if your woman only likes to have sex in the MISSIONARY POSITION and how to get her to want sex in any position you like
  • How to make your woman's vagina feel TIGHTER during sex and how to make your erection feel bigger to her
  • The 2 types of SEX POSITION that will help you LAST LONGER and have more enjoyable sex
  • The sex positions that you must avoid if you want to LAST LONGER because they encourage you to 'blow your load' too soon
  • A cheap and effective SEX TOY that can help you to get a harder erection and last longer
  • My fool-proof, ‘works every time’ strategy for getting your woman to BEG YOU for ANAL SEX (when you use this strategy you'll realize that getting 'back door action' is easy when you know how)
  • How to get your woman to let you take SEXY PICTURES of her and make SEX TAPES… if you've ever wanted to pull out your camera/video camera and film yourself 'doing your woman' - THIS section is for you
  • How to get your woman to have sex with you in public
  • How to make your woman want to have threesomes, foursomes and group sex with you
  • A powerful DIRTY TALK technique you can use to make your woman want to do absolutely ANYTHING with you in the bedroom (NOTE: this is seriously powerful, so please use it responsibly)
  • How to get your woman to 'play with herself' in front of you… getting your very own SEX SHOW has never been so easy
  • How to get your woman to LOVE it when you 'blow your load' on her face… YEP – I’m not kidding around… I’ll teach you how to get your woman to literally beg you to ‘blow your load’ on her face!
  • A simple technique for getting her to SWALLOW - this even works with the women who claim to 'hate' swallowing
  • Dozens of examples of DIRTY TALK phrases that you can use to increase your woman's pleasure AND get her to do exactly what you want her to do during sex
  • What to do when she's on her PERIOD - if you still want to have sex with her whilst 'she's on' - I'll show you how to get her to not only agree to it, but actually really want it
  • Advanced concepts and strategies that you can use to gain TOTAL POWER during sex… when you use these 'concepts and strategies' your woman will do absolutely ANYTHING you ask of her in the bedroom… no if’s, but’s or maybe’s… she just will
  • 5 things you must do in the bedroom in order to be A REAL MAN (HINT: women love to do whatever REAL MEN tell them to do)
  • And much more than I can list here...

And that's not all...

You’ll Also Get A FREE Bonus Interview Worth $20...

Interview with Scot McKay

When you grab your copy of Unleash Her ‘Bad Girl’ today, I'm going to include a FREE Bonus Audio Interview for you that I did with Dating Expert and Relationship Coach Scot McKay.

In this 60 minute interview, you'll discover:
  • The biggest mistakes most men make that ruin the quality of their intimate relationships, cause their women to lose respect and attraction for them and how YOU can AVOID making these mistakes
  • The difference between 'Choosers' and 'Chasers' and how to be a CHOOSER - knowing this will greatly affect the quality of the intimate relationship that you share with your woman
  • Why women NAG their men and how to prevent your woman irritating and annoying you with her nagging (this is so simple, yet most men will just never 'get' it)
  • The 'BIG 4' and why you must develop them if you want ultimate success with women... it doesn't matter whether you are single, dating, engaged or married - you need to know about the 'BIG 4'
  • The importance of communicating and CONNECTING with your woman and how to do this
  • How to keep your woman sexually attracted to you FOREVER 
  • What really 'turns women on' and makes them HORNY - if you want to have your woman WET and BEGGING you for sex all the time - you'll love this easy-to-use advice
  • What MASCULINITY means from a female perspective - this almost certainly isn't what you think it is
  • How to prevent your relationship from becoming boring and predictable
  • Why most men lose their sex-drives and how to AVOID having this happen to you

And more than I can list here...

So, are you EXCITED? 

You should be, because the information in Unleash Her ‘Bad Girl’ has the power to change the quality of your sex-life FOREVER.

Simply put - if you want your woman to fulfil your every SEXUAL WISH and DESIRE... this book will help you to make those wishes and desires a reality.

This is cutting edge, tried-and-tested information that is proven to work and I know it's worth at least 10X the asking price.

In fact, I'm so sure that the tips, techniques and strategies in  Unleash Her ‘Bad Girl’ are going to work for you - I'm going to let you try this book RISK-FREE for 60 days.

"YES", risk-free for 60 days.

Here's how it works...

My 60 Day, 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee...

100% satisfaction or your money-back guaranteeUnleash Her ‘Bad Girl’ comes with my 60 day, 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee.

If for any reason you aren't satisfied with your purchase, just send an email to me at adam [at] betterinbed [dot] tv, ask for your money back and I'll refund you in full.

No questions asked.

But seriously - I know you're going to LOVE this book and the PLEASURE it is going to help you experience IN THE BEDROOM.

I am committed to helping you enjoy a happier, more fulfilling and rewarding sexual relationship and Unleash Her ‘Bad Girl’ is going to make you a MUCH HAPPIER man in the bedroom.

Prepare yourself for A LOT OF FUN ;)

To get your hands on your very own copy of Unleash Her ‘Bad Girl’ simply click the "Order Now!" Button below.

Unleash Her ‘Bad Girl’ eBook plus Bonus Audio Interview

Unleash Her 'Bad Girl'

Get Unleash Her ‘Bad Girl’
And Make Your Woman Do
ANYTHING You Want In Bed

Discover how to:
  • Bring out her inner ‘bad girl’
  • Have her fulfil your sexual desires
  • Make her sexually addicted to you

Total Value:$74,Your Price: $37 (a huge saving of 50%)

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By the way - the Unleash Her 'Bad Girl' eBook will be available for IMMEDIATE download, after your payment has been accepted. Same goes for the BONUS interview - it will be available for immediate download, after your purchase has been accepted. This means you don't have to pay any shipping charges and you don't have to worry about anything getting lost in the post.

NOTE: You may only purchase Unleash Her 'Bad Girl' if you are 18 years old or over because it contains content of an adult nature.

Wishing you a lot more fun in the bedroom...

Sex Coach Adam Armstrong - author of Dirty Talk Phrases

Your friend,

 Adam Armstrong signature

Adam Armstrong

P.S.Remember, Unleash Her ‘Bad Girl’ comes with my 60 day 100% satisfaction, unconditional money-back guarantee. 

The only reason why I can offer a guarantee as generous as this is because the information in this book is tried-and-tested and PROVEN to work.

P.P.S.This book contains dozens of tips, techniques and strategies that you can use to get your woman to do absolutely ANYTHING you want in the bedroom.

If you've ever dreamt of having your woman give you incredible hand jobs and amazing oral sex OR if you'd just like to have her willingly obey your every command... STOP DREAMING, get your copy of Unleash Her ‘Bad Girl’ and learn how to make all of those things your reality.

Listen. You might think you'd like it if your woman behaved like a PORN STAR for you in the bedroom, but the truth is that in this book I'm going to teach you how to have sex much better than you see in the 'adult movies'...

We're talking rip-up-the-sheets, bite-her-bottom-lip, SCREAM the house down sex...

Sex that'll put a massive grin on your face and make you feel truly ALIVE...

The bottom line is that I can't do this for you, but I can help you.

I can help you to experience much more SEXUAL PLEASURE and sex so good it’d make a porn star BLUSH.

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Unleash Her ‘Bad Girl’ eBook plus Bonus Audio Interview

Unleash Her 'Bad Girl'

Get Unleash Her ‘Bad Girl’
And Make Your Woman Do
ANYTHING You Want In Bed

Discover how to:
  • Bring out her inner ‘bad girl’
  • Have her fulfil your sexual desires
  • Make her sexually addicted to you

Total Value:$74,Your Price: $37 (a huge saving of 50%)

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