Use These Proven Tips, Tricks And Techniques To Say 'Goodbye' To Premature Ejaculation And All The EMBARRASSMENT It Brings... And Start Putting In Sexual Performances Your Woman Will LOVE And A Male Porn Star Would Be Proud Of...

Happy couple after great sexDear friend who wants to last longer and have better sex,

Have you experienced one or more of the following situations?

You went through a period of your life where no matter what you did, you just couldn't last as long as you wanted during sex and this cut your pleasure short and made it difficult for you to fully sexually satisfy your woman… 

  • You felt like you had NO CONTROL over how long you could last... sometimes you'd last plenty long enough, yet other times you'd 'blow your load' way too soon - making sex feel like a 'lottery' for you… 
  • You got ANGRY or FRUSTRATED with yourself because you didn't last as long as you wanted - perhaps you even felt like a sexual failure…
  • You apologized to the woman you had just finished having sex with because you knew you hadn't lasted long enough to satisfy her…
  • You lasted as long as you wanted, but you didn't stay as HARD as you'd have liked for the duration of the 'sexual session' - in other words... the quality of your erection wasn't as good as you'd have liked it to be…
  • You ejaculated almost as soon as you put your 'tool' inside your woman (or perhaps even during FOREPLAY)…
  • You had a woman leave you or CHEAT on you and you suspected the reason she did this was because you were FAILING to sexually satisfy her…
  • You felt like less of a man because you 'blew your load' too soon…
  • You avoided having sex with a woman - even though you were really attracted to her - because you were worried that you wouldn't last long enough to satisfy her…
  • Listen, I'm willing to bet you answered "YES" to having experienced at least one of those situations.

And I know that those situations SUCK...

They don't feel good.

When you 'blow your load' too soon and you feel like you have no control over how long you last - it's really not very nice.

The reason why I know this is because I've been there...

Yet I now spend my days teaching guys how to have incredible sex and how to give their women mind-blowing sexual pleasure. But things weren't always that way for me...

I certainly wasn't born a STUD.

In fact, I'll share a little story with you right now that I wouldn't have dared share with anyone when it first happened...

Here goes...

When I first had sex I literally lasted about 30 seconds (maybe not even that long). I remember that it felt really good - but I also remember that I had NO CONTROL whatsoever over what was going on.

The result was that I 'blew my load' in 30 seconds flat.

Not cool.

And although my girlfriend at the time re-assured me that it was "okay", I knew it wasn't - I knew it really wasn't cool being a "one minute man"...

A "one minute wonder".

And The Story Gets Even Worse...

You see, this incident of 'blowing my load' too soon didn't just happen once - it happened over and over again.

The sex FELT GREAT - but I just couldn't make it last.

This went on for a few months and I started to dread having sex with my girlfriend because I knew I wasn't satisfying her. I also noticed that her interest in having sex started to decline - no doubt because I wasn't giving her the type of sex she wanted.

This left me pretty frustrated and after a few months my girlfriend split up with me. And whilst she didn't say that it was because she wasn't happy with the sex - I suspected that was the major reason. After all - I just wasn't satisfying her and the main reason why I wasn't satisfying her was because I was 'blowing my load' far too soon.

At this point I decided that I needed to sort my 'staying power' issue out once and for all and that I would sort it out no matter what...

No matter how long it took.

Eventually I Found The Secrets I Was Looking For... 

I started to read, watch and listen to everything I could on curing premature ejaculation and LASTING LONGER during sex. And as usual, most of the information I found was incomplete or flat-out useless.

But after months of research - that saw me read dozens of books and hundreds of articles about premature ejaculation - I finally started to make some breakthroughs and I found the secrets I was looking for...

Secrets that I used to last a lot longer and cure premature ejaculation once and for all.

The result of my research and the secrets I found is that today I enjoy TOTAL CONTROL over how long I last in the bedroom and I have 100% confidence in my ability to sexually satisfy ANY woman.

And the reality is that it's a pretty sweet situation to be in...

Worrying about premature ejaculation is the BIGGEST MISTAKE you can make if you actually want to CURE the problem once and for all...

If I want to last 25 or 30 minutes - I can do that.

Likewise, if I want a 'quickie' with a woman - I can do that too.

I've developed TOTAL CONTROL over my staying power in the bedroom.

The question is:

"Why am I telling YOU this?"

Well, not to brag... but rather because I want you to understand that no matter how bad your situation might seem right now – IT IS solvable.

No matter how quickly you 'blow your load' - I can teach you how to LAST LONGER... 

A LOT longer.

However, before I tell you exactly how I'm going to teach you to last longer, I want to tell you about the most common mistakes most men make that cause them to 'shoot too soon' and have crappy, short-lived sex...

NOTE: The way I know these are the most common mistakes that guys make that lead to premature ejaculation and not lasting as long as they'd like is because I've coached lots of guys on this subject... I've helped a lot of dudes go from 'duds' to STUDS

The 3 Most Common Mistakes That Cause Men To
'Blow Their Loads' Too Soon...

HINT: If you’re suffering from premature ejaculation or not lasting as long as you'd like during sex, you are more than likely making AT LEAST ONE of these mistakes (and possibly ALL of them) 

Mistake 1

Worrying About Premature Ejaculation...

Okay okay, I can tell what you're thinking...

You're thinking that it's perfectly NATURAL to worry about premature ejaculation if you’re suffering from it on a regular basis. And I AGREE with you - it is natural to think about it, worry about it and basically let it ‘eat you up inside’ and make you feel like less of a man.


With all that said - worrying about premature ejaculation is the BIGGEST MISTAKE you can make if you actually want to CURE the problem once and for all and start having the kind of sex-life you truly deserve and desire.

I'm going to teach you how to STOP worrying about 'blowing your load' too soon and train you to re-gain control of something that I call your 'sexual focus' (this is the most important step in developing unstoppable STAYING POWER... in fact, once I figured this out - I cured about 80% of my problem).

Mistake 2

Doing Totally The Wrong Things In The Bedroom... 

The simple fact is that most guys have no idea what they are doing in the bedroom and they very often do things that make their premature ejaculation much worse... and they do these things without even realizing it.

In all probability - you're make some mistakes like this too... mistakes that you don't even realize you are making, that are causing you to seriously UNDER-PERFORM in the bedroom. But don't worry because I'm going to teach you how to STOP making these mistakes once and for all.

Mistake 3

Eating The Foods That Are Sexual Killers... 

The truth is that there are certain foods that are quite literally SEXUAL KILLERS, meaning that they destroy your testosterone levels, ruin the quality of your erection and significantly reduce your ability to perform in the bedroom... and if you eat too many of these foods chances are that you will end up totally unable to perform in the bedroom sooner or later...

Because they'll make you flaccid, soft and weak...


Eat enough of these sexual killers and your problem might end up being worse than premature ejaculation… Your problem might end up being IMPOTENT.

What a freakin' nightmare.

Oh, and it gets a little worse...

You see, these foods - and drinks - are EASY to get hold of and nobody really tells you how bad they are for you (including your Doctor). In fact, I'd bet BIG BUCKS that you’re eating some of these foods every single day, whilst having no idea that they’re making your problem in the bedroom worse.

Much worse.

But don't worry because I'll tell you exactly what the SEXUAL KILLERS of the food world are so that you can AVOID them. And I'll also tell you about several secret foods that will:

  • Ramp up your testosterone levels 
  • Improve the quality of your erection 
  • Sky-rocket your sex-drive


  • Help you to LAST A LOT LONGER in bed

Now here's the thing...

I could give you another DOZEN reasons why many guys suffer from premature ejaculation. However, I'm willing to bet that you'd rather I told you about HOW I'm going to help YOU cure it, right? And I'll do that in just a sec.

But first... I just want you to know that...

Premature Ejaculation And 'Not Lasting As Long As You'd Like In The Bedroom' Isn't Your Fault... 

It's really not.

The reason why I say that is because from a sexual perspective - you've been let down by society. You see, nobody taught you - or any other man - how to be good in bed...

Your parents didn't…

Your school didn't. (I don't know about you but our 'Sex Ed' at school went as far as putting a condom on a chair leg... what a JOKE)…

Your university or college didn't…

The mainstream men's magazines offer sex advice that is luke warm, watered-down crap at best and totally PATHETIC at worst.

And then - the best part of it all is that women somehow expect you to perform like a STUD in the bedroom.

How crazy is that?

It's almost UNFAIR.

Anyway, the important thing is that you're doing something about it now and you're going to discover the secrets about lasting longer that it took me years of research, trial-and-error and practice to figure out...

Now, here's the really cool bit for YOU...

I've condensed these secret TIPS and TECHNIQUES down into easy-to-learn, 'bite-size' chunks and turned them into a video and audio based program that you can use to destroy premature ejaculation once and for all...

The program is called "How To Last Longer In Bed" and here's just a little taste of what you're going to discover inside:

  • The importance of developing a rock-solid, powerful BEDROOM MIND-SET and exactly how to do it (this is the key to achieving unstoppable staying power and TOTAL CONTROL over how long you last)
  • What you should FOCUS on during sex - this will help you LAST LONGER and it'll enable you to give your woman more sexual pleasure... meaning she'll want to have much more sex with you because women are only interested in having sex when it's really good
  • An easy-to-learn, works every time mind-set technique that'll help you last a lot longer
  • How to use the power of VISUALIZATION to cure premature ejaculation and last a lot longer (elite performers in every area are using this technique to produce incredible results - now you can use it to produce incredible results IN THE BEDROOM. Nice)
  • The truth about the amount of time you need to last in order to have GREAT SEX (this probably isn't what you think)
  • 3 variations of what is probably the most powerful thrusting technique on the planet... use them all to increase your staying power and give your woman sex so GOOD she'll brag to her girl-friends about how great you are in bed and keep coming back for more red-hot dirty sex with you night after night
  • A cheap, yet highly effective SEX TOY that'll help you not only LAST LONGER, but also get a harder, stronger erection and have a more powerful orgasm when you finally do 'blow your load' (both you and your woman will enjoy the results this sex toy will bring to your love-making sessions)
  • How to use different sex positions to increase your staying power
  • A specific type of MOTION you can use during intercourse to help you last longer- it doesn't matter whether you are small, average or big 'down there'... this will work for you (and it's extremely simple to learn how to do)
  • An amazing breathing technique that will increase your staying power AND have a positive effect on your energy levels outside of the bedroom
  • A specific THRUSTING TECHNIQUE that will help you to last longer and give your woman mind-blowing orgasms - if you want to learn not only how to last longer, but also how to be a great lover... this is one technique you need to know about)
  • Why having too much sex OR having too little sex is not good for your staying power and how to find a happy balance where you can last as long as you like every time you have sex
  • The type of intercourse that most women like best most of the time and how this 'insider knowledge' can help you to last longer and SATISFY YOUR WOMAN
  • How to last longer when your woman is giving you a HAND JOB
  • How to last longer when your woman is giving you a BLOW JOB
  • Why STRESS is a SEXUAL KILLER and 10 proven techniques for reducing your stress levels (this will have a very positive effect on your sexual performance and many other areas of your life)
  • The 5 most important techniques that you can use to cure premature ejaculation and start lasting longer during sex
  • And much more than I can list here...

And that's not all you're going to discover…

I'm also going to give you a FREE BONUS 45 minute Audio Recording where I'm going to talk to you about how what you eat and drink affects your sexual performance.

HINT: if you make the wrong food and drink choices you are DOOMED to FAILURE in the bedroom. However, if you make the right food and drink choices you should prepare to say "Hello" to unstoppable sexual stamina and a whole new world of rip-up-the-sheets, SCREAM the house down fun in the bedroom.

The information contained in this high quality BONUS audio recording is some of the most powerful I've ever shared. Period.

This is the stuff your Doctor won't tell you...

Your friends won't tell you...

And your woman certainly won't tell you...

And the reason why they won't tell you is because THEY DON'T KNOW ABOUT IT. It's as simple as that.

But I will tell you about it.

Here's just a little taste of what you'll discover in this special BONUS audio recording:

  • 4 great tasting, super healthy POWER FOODS for the bedroom that will increase your sex-drive and help you last longer, meaning you'll have much better sex
  • The truth about Chocolate and why it's one of the best foods ever for increasing your sexual performance (but only if you eat the right kind of chocolate - the wrong chocolate will actually decrease your sexual performance)
  • A quick and easy smoothie recipe for building your testosterone levels, jacking up your sex-drive and improving your sexual performance... I call this my SUPER STUD SMOOTHIE (try it and you and your woman will realize why)
  • The importance of being hydrated (and how to do it)... if you want PEAK PERFORMANCE inside the bedroom and outside the bedroom this is absolutely essential... FACT: most people are chronically dehydrated most of the time

And that's not all...

You'll also get a special PDF Report on: 

The Most Powerful Exercise In The World For Curing Premature Ejaculation And Lasting Longer In Bed...

In this special PDF report, you'll discover:

  • The secret muscles responsible for LASTING LONGER and how to strengthen them in as little as 30 seconds a day using the most powerful exercise in the world for curing premature ejaculation and lasting longer
  • Why using this exercise to strengthen these muscles will not only help you to last longer, but will also make your erection harder and help you to 'shoot further' when you ejaculate (things that you and your woman will love)

And you’ll also get... 

An Interview, Jam-Packed With Secret Techniques For Improving Your Sexual Performance...

In this awesome interview you'll hear from my friend Elwin Robinson. Elwin is one of the UK's leading nutritionists and a true expert in the field of health and - as you'll discover in this interview - improving sexual performance the natural way.

Here are just a few of the secrets Elwin will share with you in this high quality mp3 audio interview:

  • Why serious sexual problems - including premature ejaculation and impotence - are on the rise and how to make sure you AVOID them
  • How stress creates sexual problems and how to easily lower your stress levels - this will help you to LAST LONGER and will positively affect other areas of your life too
  • The hidden killers in your water supply that damage your sexual health and how to avoid them
  • The little-known mineral deficiency that kills your libido and ruins the quality of your erection (HINT: if you are deficient in this mineral, as many men are without even knowing it, simply adding a supplement to your diet to bring your levels of this mineral back up to normal could radically improve your sexual performance by helping you to get a better quality erection and last longer during intercourse)
  • 8 things that decrease the quality of your erection and destroy your masculinity and what to do about them (unfortunately - your regular Doctor will almost certainly fail to tell you about ANY of these issues)
  • Why drinking tap water is a disaster for your performance in the bedroom and what to drink instead
  • The food that major agricultural companies have spent billions of $'s advertising as a HEALTH food, that is actually a nightmare for your testosterone levels and sexual performance... if you value your masculinity and sexual prowess, you’ll want to avoid this food at all costs
  • How to achieve deep, restful sleep every single night and why this is so important for the quality of your sexual performance

I'm willing to bet you’ll find this interview one of the most interesting, informative and useful that you have ever heard on any subject. With regards to curing premature ejaculation and improving sexual performance, I know you'll find it THE MOST INTERESTING interview you've ever heard.

It really is that good.

Let's re-cap... 

Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get In
"How To Last Longer In Bed"...

  • Video and audio material (watch or listen - whichever you prefer) 
  • The BONUS audio recording on what to eat and drink for MAXIMUM performance in the bedroom 
  • The interview with Elwin Robinson on secret techniques for improving sexual performance 
  • The special PDF Report on the most powerful exercise in the world for increasing erection quality and lasting longer in bed 
  • PDF summary reports of each video section for easy reference

Here's the thing…

I know what it's like to have premature ejaculation because I used to experience it a lot AND IT SUCKS. And I don't want anything to stop you from sorting this problem once and for all.

I want you to experience what it's like to have TOTAL CONTROL over how long you last and start having much better sex.

The "How To Last Longer In Bed" program will help you to do EXACTLY that because it's 'a total solution for premature ejaculation', jam-packed with proven tips and techniques that you can use to LAST LONGER.

60 day 100% satisfaction or your money-back guaranteeTo make this purchase a total 'no-brainer' for you, I'm also including a 100% Satisfaction 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. It works like this...

If for any reason you aren't happy with your purchase, just send an email to me at adam [at] betterinbed [dot] tv, within 60 days of purchase, ask for your money back and I'll refund you in full. No questions asked.

To get access to all the material, click the "Order Now!" button below...

‘How To Last Longer In Bed’ Video And Audio Program


Proven Techniques For Curing Premature
Ejaculation And Lasting Longer

Discover how to:
  • Last 30 minutes or more during sex
  • Blow a much ‘bigger load’
  • Get a steel-hard erection

Total Value:$127,Your Price: $47

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This program does not require the use of a 'little blue pill' or any other dodgy pills, potions, lotions, sprays or creams. The is THE REAL DEAL... a 'total solution' for premature ejaculation that'll help you to LAST LONGER and have much better sex.

There's no better time than right now to TAKE ACTION and destroy your premature ejaculation for good. And there's no better way to do it than to grab a copy of my How To Last Longer In Bed program because it's full of easy-to-use, proven techniques. All you have to do is put them into practice - and drop me a note to say "thanks" later ;)

Wishing you a ton of SUCCESS inside and outside of the bedroom.

Sex Coach Adam Armstrong

Your friend,

Adam Armstrong signature

Adam Armstrong

P.S.When you get access to the "How To Last Longer In Bed" program you are doing so totally risk-free because it comes with my iron-clad, no questions asked, 60 Day 100% Satisfaction or your Money Back Guarantee. 

And the total value of this program is $127, but you'll get it ALL for just $47 when you buy right now, today - meaning you'll SAVE $80 (63%). Nice.

P.P.S.The truth is that premature ejaculation isn't a small problem - it's a great big dirty problem. And when it rears its ugly head it can make a real mess of your sex-life because it makes you feel embarrassed, frustrated and sometimes downright humiliated.

In fact, it makes you feel like less of a man because it prevents you from being able to sexually satisfy your woman. If you're currently suffering from premature ejaculation, I feel your pain because I've been there. Years ago I was the "1 minute wonder", the guy who couldn't even last 3 minutes.

But things have changed and I now enjoy TOTAL CONTROL over my 'tool' in the bedroom and lasting 30 minutes or more when I have sex is easy. I'd like to teach you how to do the same.

I'd like you to experience the sense of achievement that comes from knowing you can give your woman incredible pleasure every time you 'get it on' with her and I'd like you to feel the sense of connection with your woman that arises when you give her pleasure so great it brings tears to her eyes.

To feel these kinds of things, you need total control over how long you last. You can't be A GREAT LOVER if you are constantly worrying about 'blowing your load' too soon.

So here's the thing...

I can help you, but I can't make the decision for you. If you already have total control over how long you last, you probably don't need this program. However, if you are dissatisfied in ANY way with some or all of your sexual performances and you can't last as long as you'd like - you should get access to this program RIGHT NOW.

The program is called "How To Last Longer In Bed" for a reason...

Because that's exactly what it's going to help you to do... last longer in bed, satisfy your woman and feel like a REAL MAN. If you need the program (and only you know if you really need it), click the "Order Now!" button below and prepare to say "goodbye" to premature ejaculation for good and start having longer lasting, incredibly satisfying sex...

‘How To Last Longer In Bed’ Video And Audio Program


Proven Techniques For Curing Premature
Ejaculation And Lasting Longer

Discover how to:
  • Last 30 minutes or more during sex
  • Blow a much ‘bigger load’
  • Get a steel-hard erection

Total Value:$127,Your Price: $47

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NOTES about the How To Last Longer In Bed program:

1. All the video, audio and PDF components of this program will be available for immediate download once your payment has been accepted. This means that you don't have to pay any shipping fees and you don't have to wait for anything to arrive in the post (or worry about anything getting lost in the post). 

2. The video files are delivered in mp4 format and will play on any suitable player that supports this popular format. 

3. The audio files are delivered in mp3 format and will play on any suitable player that supports this popular format, including itunes, iphones and other smart phones. 

4.To read the PDF summary reports you need Adobe Acrobat reader. If you don't have this, don't worry - it's a FREE download. 

5. This program contains adult language and situations and is not meant for anyone under 18 years of age. 

WARNING: As a result of using the "How To Last Longer In Bed" program - your woman is very likely to become ADDICTED to your new-found sexual staying power and this will almost certainly result in her wanting to spend A LOT more time with you in the bedroom having red-hot sex ;)

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