Here Are The 37 Most Important Secrets About ‘Women And Sex’… Use Them To Become Much A Better Lover…

Brunette womanDear Friend,

Would you like to learn more in just 15 minutes than most men do in their entire lives about how to SEXUALLY SATISFY women? 

Would you like to know why many women cheat on their men and how to prevent this happening to you? 

Would you like to discover the most important kind of ORGASM you must give your woman if you want to give her truly GREAT SEX? 

Would you like to find out how to increase your woman’s sex-drive and get her to do everything you want in bed? 

Well, here’s the thing… 

If you answered “YES” to those questions – I’m not really surprised. 

I mean, what man wouldn’t want to know all that kinda stuff about women and sex?! 

The unfortunate thing is – most guys will never know even the basics about how to SATISFY their WOMEN in the bedroom. And the result of their lame love-making will be that many of their women cheat on them to get better sex. 


Not nice. 

But that’s what many women do when they aren’t having their ‘needs’ met in the bedroom… they find another man – a man who CAN fulfil their sexual needs. 

And that’s a FACT.

The Real Secrets About Satisfying Women
Are Hard To Find… 

So the reality is that most men would LIKE to satisfy their women, but most men NEVER will. 

The question is: 

“WHY will most men fail to satisfy their women?” 

The answer is because most guys don’t look hard enough for the information they need… the information that would help them to become better lovers

And the fact is – that information is very hard to find

You see, most guys who try to educate themselves on the subject of WOMEN and SEX choose to use the mainstream men’s magazines. And whilst I’m not going to name any of them, you know the ones I’m referring too. Not porn magazines, but the ones that have exercise, fashion, nutrition and sex advice inside and hot women on the front covers. 

The information in these magazines is massively incomplete and does not tell you THE REAL SECRETS about satisfying women. 

There are two major reasons why these magazines don’t contain the information that we guys really need to know. Here they are: 

1. Most of the so-called ‘sex-experts’ who write the articles probably AREN’T experts. Sure, they may spend all day writing about ‘women and sex’ – but that doesn’t make them an expert in my eyes. 

RESULTS make you an expert. If you know how to give women incredible sexual pleasure – you’re an expert. If you don’t – you’re not, regardless of how many articles you may have written.

 2. The REAL SECRETS about ‘women and sex’ are hard-core… 

Some of them are not what people want to hear… 

Some of them would scare the average man to death because he doesn’t have the balls to accept the truth… 

Some of them would have feminists puking in their boots… 

But I don’t care about scaring or offending people. I care about helping men –men just like you… men who want to ‘step-up’ and discover how to truly blow their women’s minds in the bedroom. 

Is that the kind of man YOU are? 

…The kind of guy who wants the very best information on how to improve his skills in the bedroom and become a better lover? 

If you are nodding your head and saying “YES”, keep reading… 

How To Become A Much Better Lover… 

You could go out and read every magazine article, internet blog post and book on ‘women and sex’ and end up more confused than when you began because too much information can be worse than none. 

Luckily, I’ve set out to prevent you wasting a load of time reading a bunch of B.S. That’s what most sex advice is by the way – B.S. 

It’s crap that doesn’t work. 

But I’ve actually spent the past 10 years or so of my life experimenting with different techniques to find out what really works with women IN THE BEDROOM. 

And I’ve gotten pretty damn good at it… 

‘It’, being PLEASING women IN BED. 

And I’ve not gotten good at it because I have any super-human powers. No, I’ve gotten good at it because I’ve put the hours in – thousands of hours. 

37 Secrets About Women And Sex I’ve read the crap, thrown it away and then found the stuff that works. 

Now I’m willing to bet $10,000 with you that you don’t want to have to spend 1000′s of hours trying to find the real secrets about women and sex. And the horrible thing is – you could spend 1000′s of hours and still miss them! 

Now that’d be a major bummer, right? 

But you could still try… 


You could read this simple 17 page report that condenses down everything I’ve learned about ‘women and sex’ and becoming an AWESOME LOVER into an easy 15 minute read. 

This report contains just the absolute basics you need to know if you want to become A GREAT LOVER – the kind of guy who can please any woman, any time, any place…

Here’s Just A Little Taste Of What You’ll Discover In The '37 Secrets About Women And Sex' Special Report:

37 Secrets About Women and Sex


  • The truth about your ‘size’, STAYING POWER and sexual experience and how these things effect your ability to satisfy your woman
  • The 3 most important things you must focus on if you want to cure premature ejaculation
  • 7 different types of ORGASM that you can give your woman – “YES," really – 7 different types
  • How to give your woman multiple orgasms
  • The 5 traits that every woman wants in a man in the bedroom (HINT: if you want to be a GREAT LOVER – these are the 5 things you need to work on)
  • The type of sex that women really like – this isn’t what you think
  • How to be a SEX GOD in 5 simple steps
  • Why DIRTY TALK is really important if you want to give your woman mind-blowing sex
  • The best aphrodisiac in the entire world – seriously, this’ll make her horny for you all the time
  • A simple technique you can use to keep your relationship with your woman ‘strong, happy and healthy’
  • What most women do when they get lousy sex – this is totally SHOCKING
  • And much more than I can list here…

Here’s What You Can Expect From This Report…

Listen up.

I’ve gotta be totally honest with you… 

This report probably won’t answer ALL of your questions about women and sex. 

And it probably won’t turn you into A GREAT LOVER after reading it once. 

But the truth is that there isn’t a book, audio program, DVD or seminar on the planet that would answer ALL of your questions on this subject because it’s just too big and complex a subject (and that’s why most men totally suck at it). 

However, what this report will do is this: 

It’ll teach you the ESSENTIALS… 

The stuff you absolutely, positively MUST KNOW if you want to become a better lover and learn how to give your woman great sex

And it’ll only take you 15 minutes to read. Just 15 minutes to learn the 37 most important secrets about women and sex… 

The 37 secrets that 95% of men will never know… 

The 37 secrets that YOU need to know in order to turn yourself into the man in the bedroom that you desire and deserve to be. 

So the investment I’m asking you to make is very small – just $7 and 15 minutes of your time… 

But the rewards are HUGE, really huge – you’ll gain knowledge that every man on the planet needs but most will never get… knowledge that you could still fail to gain even if you read 100 books on women and sex. 

If you’re starting to think this report is pretty MAJOR – that’s because it is. 

Take a second to imagine… 
  • Never having to worry about your woman cheating on you
  • Being able to SEXUALLY SATISFY any woman, any time, any place
  • Having your woman scream your name because you make her come so hard
  • Being able to last as long as you want
  • Being able to easily keep your woman’s sex-drive sky-high and make her want to have sex with you all the time
  • Enjoying the feeling of knowing that your woman thinks of you as ‘the best she’s ever had’ 

Sounds good, doesn’t it? 

Now here’s the thing… 

I can’t promise you that you’ll read this report and instantly start living the kind of sex-life like the one I just described. 

But what I can promise you is this: 

This report will get you off on the right track to eventually enjoying your DREAM SEX-LIFE. Sure – you’ll have to put some work in, but that’s the same of everything worth having in your life… 

If it’s good – you have to work for it. 

This report will give you the very best start on your journey to becoming a GREAT LOVER. 

And for just 15 minutes of your time and $7, I’d say that’s a pretty damn sweet deal.

Why It’s Only $7… 

I’m only charging $7 for this report because: 

  • $7 puts it within reach for most guys and I want as many men as possible to benefit from this 
  • I figured that any man who is serious about becoming a BETTER LOVER and learning how to SEXUALLY SATISFY his woman would be willing to invest a measly $7 to do so 
  • Any man who is not serious enough to invest $7 in his sexual future – well, heck, I really just can’t understand that

If you’re thinking “$7 is so cheap, what’s the catch?”… all I can say is…

There is NO catch! 

It’s just great information about WOMEN and SEX at a ridiculously low price. 

So if you are really serious about taking control of your sexual future and enjoying the dream sex-life and intimate relationship that you and your woman really deserve – click the “Order Now!” button below and get immediate access to your report.

And if you need to justify the price, just skip going to your favorite ‘fast food joint’ or coffee shop ONCE this week and you’ve paid for it.

My Guarantee To You… 

100% satisfaction or your money-back guaranteeIf for any reason you are not happy with this report, simply drop me an email within 60 days of purchase and I’ll refund your $7 in full.

No questions asked.

My email address is adam [at] betterinbed [dot] tv 

So you really have nothing to lose – I’ve made this deal a total ‘no-brainer’ for you. 

You Need To ACT NOW Because The Price Is Going Up
After The First 1,000 Copies Have Been Sold… 

Look, I’ll be straight with you – my team is putting serious pressure on me because they never wanted me to release this report for $7… 

They said I should have charged more for it… 


The reason why they said I should have charged more is because although it’s only a '15 minute read' they said that the information in this report is so damn POWERFUL – it demands a higher price. 

Anyway, I argued with them a little bit and met them halfway – in the end I agreed to sell the first 1,000 copies for $7 and then stick the price up. By the way – I’m not sure what the price will go up to, but it’ll be at least $17 and maybe over $20. 

But you won’t pay $20 today. 

You won’t pay $17 today. 

You’ll only pay $7 when you Buy TODAY…

Get the ‘37 Secrets About Women and Sex’ Special Report for just $7…


Discover Secrets About Women And Sex
That Most Men Will NEVER Know…

Exclusive Special Report Teaches You:
  • 37 Secrets about women and sex most men
    will never know
  • How to keep her sex drive sky-high
  • How to make sure she never cheats on you

Total Value:$17,Your Price: $7

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Order Now

Remember, the facts are that: 

  • Most men totally suck in bed and will never truly satisfy their women
  • A huge proportion of women have CHEATED on their men to GET BETTER SEX
  • Most mainstream sex-advice is just pathetic

What you’re going to get in this report is the REAL DEAL… the 37 most important secrets about women and sex that every man should know (but at least 95% never will). 

If you want to become a MUCH BETTER LOVER, this 17 page report is the thing you must read today to help you on your way to becoming the kind of guy you deserve to be in the bedroom… 

The kind of guy who can sexually satisfy any woman, any time, any place.

Sex Coach Adam Armstrong 

Your friend,

Adam Armstrong signature

Adam Armstrong               

P.S.This report contains information that is 100% useful. There’s no ‘fluff’ or ‘filler.' On the other hand – you could read 100 books and waste 1000′s of hours and a ton of money trying to figure out the area of your life called ‘women and sex’ and learn less than you’ll gain by spending just 15 minutes reading this report. 

The secrets in this report are what ALL GREAT LOVERS understand but the average man ‘just doesn’t get’. And it’s all covered by my 100% Satisfaction 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee. 

The bottom line is this – you have a ton to gain and nothing to lose. It’s a no-brainer. 

Get your copy now…

Get the ‘37 Secrets About Women and Sex’ Special Report for just $7…


Discover Secrets About Women And Sex
That Most Men Will NEVER Know…

Exclusive Special Report Teaches You:
  • 37 Secrets about women and sex most men
    will never know
  • How to keep her sex drive sky-high
  • How to make sure she never cheats on you

Total Value:$17,Your Price: $7

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Order Now

NOTE: The 37 Secrets About Women and Sex Special Report is a PDF eBook and will be available for IMMEDIATE download once your payment has been accepted. All you need to read the report is Adobe Acrobat (if you don't have it, don't worry - it's a FREE download). Because the report is a PDF, you don't have to pay shipping charges and you don't have to wait for anything to arrive in the post, or worry about anything getting lost in the post.

IMPORTANT: The 37 Secrets About Women and Sex Special Report is only intended for persons aged 18 years or over because it contains adult language and situations.

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