Huge Load Formula by Adam Armstrong

Attention: Men Who Want To Blow
Huge Loads That Will Impress Their Women…

“Here’s The ‘Insider Porn-Star Secret’ To Blowing The Kind Of Huge Loads That Women Love”

Plus… Discover How To Get Hard-As-A-Rock Erections Whenever You Like and Enjoy Longer-Lasting, More Powerful and Satisfying Orgasms…

From the desk of Master Sex Coach Adam Armstrong
London, England

Dear friend who wants to blow a much bigger load,

Listen up.

If you answered “YES” to one – or all – of those questions it doesn’t surprise me because most guys answer yes to those questions!

You see, the truth is that MOST men aren’t able to achieve a rock-hard erection whenever they want and they certainly don’t blow huge and massively impressive loads.

Unfortunately, most guys are blowing loads that aren’t very impressive.

And honestly – I’ve been there…

I’ve been the kind of guy who didn’t blow a very big load.

And it sucked. You let the ‘money-shot’ fly and you feel a little embarrassed by it… you feel like you’ve failed to give the woman what she really wanted.


I didn’t settle for blowing a SMALL load and I set out to try and discover the secrets to blowing a huge load.

I wanted to know how the heck those guys in the pornos always seemed to be able to totally plaster chicks at the end of every scene…

She Screamed In Delight As Jet After Jet
Plastered Her Face and Body!

I’m Adam Armstrong and I teach guys how to SATISFY their women.

Several years back I decided to figure out how to blow a bigger load. I wanted to blow the kind of massive load that would impress ANY woman – no matter how hot, sexy and gorgeous she might be.

I read books, watched DVD’s, looked at all those fancy pills that claimed to help you increase the size of your load – and most of it SUCKED.

Seriously – it just plain sucked…

Most of it didn’t work one bit – but boy were these guys happy taking your money!

Anyhow, after a while I became pretty frustrated and changed my approach. Long story short – I made a few simple tweaks to my diet and some really crazy things started to happen…

I found I could get a rock-hard boner whenever I liked

It got to the point where me and this girl I was seeing were ‘at it’ ALL THE TIME. 3, 4 and 5 times a day wasn’t uncommon on a weekend.

I think our record was 8 times in one day. LOL. Talk about having a ‘sore dick!’

As well as the kind of rock-hard erection that makes even the most gorgeous women hot, wet and horny and desperate to do really naughty things to your manhood – these simple dietary changes also…

Sent my sex-drive through the roof…


Increased the size of my load.

Now, when I say that these simple dietary changes ‘increased the size of my load’ – I’m not messing with you…

I’m not kidding around.

A while after making these ‘dietary discoveries’ I was dating this hot little Portuguese girl. She had a great tan, a big firm booty, awesome tits, a totally flat stomach – and the kind of sex appeal only Latino girls seem to have. (The fact that she was an exotic dancer probably helped when it came to ‘sex appeal’ too ;)

At the end of the night on our second date I was doing her HARD and DEEP and she was talking all kinds of sh*t to me in Portuguese.

I had no idea what she was saying – but it was damn sexy.

After she’d had her final orgasm, I pulled out of her and she sucked me off into her hot, wet, pretty little mouth…

And when I blew my load it literally plastered her face and body. She was covered. It ran down her stomach and all over that hot, wet little hole between her legs.

When I finally stopped ejaculating, she looked up at me with puppy dog eyes – and whilst still squatting, legs wide open, in the same position she’d been in whilst sucking me off –she rubbed my load into her skin.


And yeah – she bloody loved every second of it!

It was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen.

It was then that I realized – girls really do love HUGE loads, and boy was I glad I’d figured out how to make it happen!

The great news is that there’s hope for you

Because any man can make the simple dietary changes I made and start blowing massive loads that drive women crazy

Revealed At Last:
3 Secrets To Blowing HUGE Loads
That Drive Women Wild…

There’s no doubt about it…

Women love HUGE loads.

Yet most men just can’t deliver the goods. In fact, I did a little research and found out that the average guy ejaculates about a teaspoon of semen. That’s just 5ml!

To be clear…

That’s not a lot.

Fortunately, the 3 secrets I’m about to share with you enabled me – and the other thousands of guys I’ve shared these secrets with – to blow loads 5-10X bigger than the average guy does.

Trust me – when you blow a load 5-10X bigger than the average guy… it doesn’t matter where you shoot it… all over her face or boobs… her ass, back or legs… she’s gonna love it!

A huge load drives women wild. Period.

Here are 3 secrets to blowing huge loads…

Secret #1: What You Eat Really Matters. It Really Really Matters!

she wants a big load

OK. I’m not gonna bore you with some long, dull lecture on health…

Here’s the truth…

Being able to blow a freakin’ huge load is a sign of youthfulness and health.

A small, weak dribble of a cum-shot is a sign of AGING and a lack of health.

Not what you want, right?

So the question is…

“How do you get healthy, stay youthful and blow big, huge loads that’ll make your woman hot and horny?”

The answer is…

You take control of your health.

And what’s the best way to take control of your health?

By watching what you eat.

Eat better… get healthier. Pretty simple math ;)

It was when I started eating REALLY healthy – that I started blowing massive loads. So whilst I agree that ‘eating right and getting healthy’ sounds pretty dull…

The results are pretty exciting!

Whilst my friends were out stuffing their faces with fast food and other processed crap – and laughing at the healthy food I was eating…

I got the last laugh because I was blowing ‘porno-style’ loads over every girl I dated. And they were BEGGING me for it – greedily sucking down every last drop.

To be clear…

If you want to blow HUGE loads – and have rock-hard erections – you have to be healthy. The simplest way to get healthy is to eat right. Period.

Secret #2: Don’t Listen To Your Doctor!

Probably best not to trust the Doctor when it comes to your cock!

Pay attention because what I’m about to say is really important…

Low testosterone, poor erection quality, low sex drive and small loads are all related… they’re all signs of aging, loss of youthfulness and a lack of health.

When most men experience these kinds of problems, they usually run off to the doctor, where they’ll often be prescribed things like testosterone and ‘the little blue pill.’

The trouble is…

The doctor is merely masking the SYMPTOMS. He isn’t addressing the causes of the problem. In the long-run – this is a disaster because the underlying problems will get WORSE and the drugs will have TOXIC effects on the body sooner or later.

Drugs ALWAYS have a toxic effect on the body.

So what’s the alternative?

Well, low-T, poor erection quality, low sex drive and small loads are all signs of poor health.

What’s the best way to get healthy?

You got it – EAT RIGHT.

This isn’t actually that complex – but doctors are influenced by money and pharmaceutical companies pay them A LOT of money to give you drugs.

Remember – pharmaceutical companies care a lot more about PROFITS than your health and the size of your ‘money shot!’

What’s the message here?…

Don’t put blind faith in the doctor. If you want a rock-hard erection, a high sex drive and huge loads that drive your woman crazy – you have to take control of your health by eating right.

There’s no escaping this FACT.

Secret #3: Superfoods + Superherbs = Total Sexual Power (and truly huge loads)

Here’s where the fun really begins…

When I cleaned up my diet and started ‘eating healthy’ I got some pretty cool results…

Harder erections, a better sex drive and bigger loads.

The results were clearly noticeable, but not quite ‘mind-blowing.’

It was only when I added specific Superfoods and Superherbs into my diet (in VERY specific quantities) that I saw changes that were bordering on insane

I started getting erections that were so hard and powerful they felt like they’d never go away. Even when I was banging red-hot women that’d make most guys ‘shoot their wad’ in 30 seconds flat – I was just there, pounding away, hard-as-a-rock for as long as I liked…

Blowing my load early or getting performance anxiety never even entered my head!

My sex-drive went through the roof. I felt like A BEAST. Between me and you – my record was 4 different girls in one day (and I did the 4th one twice). No problem.

And my loads?

Well, when I started on the Superfoods and Superherbs – in the specific quantities necessary – that’s when my loads became insanely powerful…

Every time I ‘bust my nut’ I just knew I was gonna totally plaster the girl receiving it. And they loved it… Every last one completely loved it.

Once I’d figured out the secrets to blowing massive loads, I made another breakthrough when I developed…

'The Huge Load Formula'

The Huge Load Formula is a drink I developed that makes you blow HUGE loads. It also ramps up your libido and gives you erections as hard as steel.

The fact that The Huge Load Formula is extremely quick and easy to make, and tastes great is simply the ‘icing on the cake’

The Huge Load Formula is, quite frankly perfect and me and thousands of other guys have been drinking it daily for the past few years.

I wouldn’t be without it!

(And I'd bet my bottom dollar that you won't be without it once you try it and feel the sexual power it gives you)

Here’s what guys who drink The Huge Load Formula have to say about it:

Shot My First Mega-Load…

I first started taking Adam’s Huge Load Formula a couple of months ago and the effects have been amazing. I didn’t realize how much women truly love a guy who can blow a huge load until I drank the Formula and shot my first mega-load. My girlfriend went wild. She loved it. Since then I’ve been drinking The Huge Load Formula every day.

C.P – San Diego, USA

When I’m On The Formula I Feel Unstoppable…

Adam! Thanks man! Your huge load formula rocks! As a single guy who likes to ‘play the field’ – I consider it essential. When I’m on the formula I feel unstoppable… hard and ready to fuck whenever I pull a hot woman. And my loads are just crazy!

J.A – Manchester, England

Sex-Drive Increased…

I spoke with Adam on the phone about some issues my man was struggling with… low sex drive and performance anxiety to name a couple. Adam suggested I get my man to drink The Huge Load Formula every day, instead of his usual breakfast. All I can say is WOW! He became more confident in the bedroom, his sex drive increased and there was noticeably ‘more there’ when he finished! I’m very happy

B.N – New York, USA

Completely Plastered Her…

Adam, I have to tell you about this. It was 1am last night when I took Sarah back to my place (I’d just met her in a club). Blonde hair, pretty face, long legs. Awesome. I fucked her all over the show – every position you can imagine – and when I finished? Holy sh*t did I ‘finish!’ I bent her over and pumped my load all over her ass. Completely plastered her. Epic!

H.T – London, England

Started Blowing Bigger Loads…

I’m 46 years old and for the past 10 or so years I’d struggled with various sexual problems. Low sex-drive, erections that go soft after a few seconds of intercourse, and cum shots that can only a described as ‘a pathetic dribble.’ I had it all. But then I met Adam and he persuaded me to take his Huge Load Formula once a day. I thought he was full of crap, but figured what the heck did I have to lose? So I gave it a shot. About a week later I had my mojo back in the bedroom! I felt 20 years younger, had more energy, my old sex-drive came back and I started blowing bigger loads. My girlfriend is as happy about all this as I am!

E.N – York, England

What Exactly Is ‘The Huge Load Formula’
and How Will It Benefit You?

hot girl getting drenched with a big load!

The Huge Load Formula is a drink that’ll make you blow HUGE loads…

I developed The Huge Load Formula after years of research into what it really takes to perform like a STUD in the bedroom and totally sexually SATISFY even the most ‘hard-to-please’ women.

The Huge Load Formula will also increase your sex-drive and give you harder, longer-lasting erections.

Huge Load Formula is a smoothie. All you need is a few secret ingredients. Then you throw ‘em in the blender*, whizz em up and BOOM – you have your Huge Load Formula. Takes a couple minutes to make tops. And tastes great!

*You don’t even necessarily need a blender. You could just shake it all up in one of those ‘shakers’ that sports nutrition companies sell for a couple bucks.

Drink The Huge Load Formula once a day and prepare to start getting hard-as-steel, confidence inspiring erections and blowing bigger loads every time you ‘get nasty’ with your woman.

The smile on your woman’s face when she sees how HARD you are and how BIG your load is will be priceless!

I explain how to make The Huge Load Formula and why all the ingredients have been carefully selected, in my special report called: “The Huge Load Formula”

The Huge Load Formula special report is a PDF eBook and will be available for immediate download once your payment has been accepted. This means you don’t have to wait for anything to arrive in the post (or get lost) and you don’t have to pay for shipping. It also means you can get started TODAY.

It couldn’t be easier…

Grab your copy of The Huge Load Formula special report and read it on your PC, Laptop, tablet or smart phone. All you need is Adobe Acrobat. (If you don’t have it, don’t worry – it’s a FREE download).

Here’s Just Some Of What You’ll Discover In
‘The Huge Load Formula’ Special Report:

  • Exactly how to make The Huge Load Formula and when to drink it for maximum results… follow my simple, ‘fool-proof’ instructions and you’ll increase your sex-drive, harden your erection, skyrocket your staying power and blow HUGE loads

  • The real reason why so many men are struggling with low testosterone, poor sex-drive, infertility and blowing tiny loads… and what to do about it (this almost certainly isn’t what you think and the truth is being kept from you by pharmaceutical companies and doctors who care more about PROFITS than your health and sexual function!)

  • How to increase your testosterone levels naturally… do this and you’ll have more energy and muscle… you’ll be less tired and fat… and you’ll have bigger, harder, stronger erections that last longer… and, of course – you’ll blow much bigger loads

  • A vastly superior alternative to ‘the little blue pill’… this alternative increases your sexual desire, gives you hard throbbing erections that’ll make your woman really hot, wet and horny for you… and it helps you to blow a HUGE ‘money shot’ (HINT: the ‘little blue pill’ only gives you a boner. It does nothing for your sexual desire or your cum shot)

  • 5 ingredients you can add to The Huge Load Formula for even greater results… even harder erections, even more staying power, an even bigger sex drive, and “YES” – even bigger loads!

  • The Planet’s most powerful Superfood for sexual prowess… and exactly how much to take for the quickest results possible… this Superfood increases T-Levels, makes you hard, gives you unstoppable staying power and helps you to blow bigger loads like nothing else. You’re gonna love it!

  • Three amazing Superherbs that’ll do wonders for your health – giving you more ENERGY and making you more PRODUCTIVE, whist also helping you to blow huge loads and get the kind of rock-hard, long-lasting boner every guy needs

  • The food you should be eating instead of sugar and excessive carbohydrates… cut back on sugar, add this into your diet using my dead-simple-even-a-monkey-could-get-it-right recommendations and prepare to have more energy, HIGHER testosterone levels, HARDER erections and a ‘load’ any adult movie star would be proud of

  • How the medical industry has sold you a massive lie about a very popular and great tasting food, telling you it’s dangerous and a major cause of disease… yet the reality is that Roman Soldiers (the guys who used to RULE THE WORLD) absolutely loved it and used it to help turn them into fierce warriors, because they knew it was essential for good health and performance, be it on the battlefield or in the bedroom!

  • 2 simple tips for getting the most out of The Huge Load Formula… the crazy thing is that these 2 tips are the EXACT opposite of what you’d probably think you should do (HINT: if you want the absolute hardest, strongest, longest-lasting erection you are capable of experiencing, and the kind of huge and powerful load your woman will love – make sure you take advantage of these 2 tips)

  • What NOT to do immediately before sex if you want to perform at your best and blow a monstrous load that totally plasters your woman (this isn’t what you think)

  • A second variation of The Huge Load Formula… this one is perfect if you’re ‘out on the road’ and don’t have access to your blender – it means you’ll never have to go a day without your serving of the formula!

And much more than I can list here…

Who Needs ‘The Huge Load Formula’
and Who Doesn’t?

hot blonde with red lips loves a big load

If you already blow the kind of HUGE load that’d make any woman hot, wet, horny and addicted to you in the bedroom – you might not need this.

If you’re already able to get a rock-hard erection whenever you want and maintain it for 30 minutes or more, even when you’re banging your woman hard, fast and deep – you might not need this.

If you’re already 100% certain that you blow a big enough load – and have the sex-drive and staying power - to satisfy any woman, then you might not need this.

However, if you have any one of the following problems – I strongly recommend you grab a copy of The Huge Load Formula…

And if you have more than one of the following problems – problems that affect over 95% of men – you need to get your copy of The Huge Load Formula IMMEDIATELY because it’ll totally transform your performances in the bedroom, the quality of your sex-life and, of course – the size of your load…

Ultimately, only you know if you need The Huge Load Formula or not.

Remember – if you answered “YES” to any one of the problems listed above, I strongly recommend you grab a copy of The Huge Load Formula…

And if you answered “YES” to more than one of the problems listed above – problems that affect over 95% of men...

You need to get your copy of The Huge Load Formula immediately because it’ll totally transform your performances in the bedroom, the quality of your sex-life and, of course – the SIZE OF YOUR LOAD…

5 Reasons Why
‘The Huge Load Formula’
Is Different To Everything
Else Out There…

There are 5 major differences between ‘The Huge Load Formula’ and every other ‘get a bigger load’ product/strategy out there…

#1: It’s Not A Pill you don't need pills to blow a huge load

There are pills on the market that claim to ‘give you a bigger load.’

But there are 2 very negative issues surrounding these pills:

i. They usually contain a bunch of lousy, unhealthy ingredients to ‘fill out’ the pill. This is similar to people who buy Cocaine – thinking it’s ‘pure.’ 9 times out of 10, it’s part Cocaine and part ‘filler’

ii. The quantities of the good ingredients you get in these pills are PATHETIC. Much too low to bring about a real change in the size of your load. For instance, in ‘The Huge Load Formula’ you’ll use at least 5 grams of the most powerful Superfood ingredient.

In contrast, I was looking at one of these ‘get a bigger load pills’ the other day and it had 5milligrams of the same Superfood in it. That’s a joke! It’s simply not enough to have an effect

Bottom line?

You’d need to take a bottle a day of many of these ‘get a bigger load pills’ in order to see a noticeable effect from the good ingredients they contain. Since they cost $20, $30, $40 or more per bottle – that’d be a very expensive habit!

Plus, if you took that much – you’d be getting a ton of the crap ‘filler’ ingredients along with the good stuff.

Not what you want.

The Huge Load Formula contains everything you need to get big, hard, long-lasting erections and blow a massive load. Just chuck it all in a blender and enjoy (it tastes great!)

#2: It’s Not A Drug

If you go to your ‘doc and explain that you’re experiencing small loads and erection/staying power issues, he may give you ‘the little blue pill’ or some other artificial treatment or drug.

In the long-run, drugs ALWAYS have toxic side-effects.

This means that in the long-run, they cause more harm than good.

But the pharmaceutical companies and your doctor don’t care because they’re making a FORTUNE selling that crap.

It’s pretty horrible.

Fortunately, The Huge Load Formula contains only natural, great-tasting ingredients, and is 100% non-toxic, even if you take it every day. In fact, not only will The Huge Load Formula give you a massive load and make you perform like a STUD in the bedroom – it’ll enhance your health in ways that have nothing to do with the bedroom.


#3: It’ll Increase Your Sex-Drive, Make You Harder and Give You Unstoppable Staying Power

The Huge Load Formula will obviously give you a huge load...

The kind that makes respectable ladies do very naughty, nasty, slutty things for you in the bedroom ;)


It’ll also give you a set of additional sexual performance benefits sure to impress your woman, and make her addicted to your cock and obsessed with having sex with you.

Here’s a partial list of those ‘additional sexual performance benefits’…

#4: There Are ‘Additional Benefits’

The Huge Load Formula will give you a set of additional benefits that I haven’t even mentioned yet

When you make the formula as I detail in The Huge Load Formula special report and drink it down, you’ll notice some or all of the following:

#5: It’s Tried-and-Tested

The Huge Load Formula is tried and tested and proven to work

The market is full of pills and drugs that haven’t been properly tested. Taking them is like playing Russian roulette… it can be pretty detrimental for your health if it goes wrong.

The market is also full of books, audio programs and DVD’s on how to improve sexual performance and blow a bigger load.

The reality is that most of these books, audio programs and DVD’s are long and boring, they take you forever to get through and at the end you’re still looking for the answers!

3 words sum most of these programs up… WASTE OF MONEY… clearly designed by individuals trying to make a quick buck… definitely not tried-and-tested.

When you start making The Huge Load Formula you can rest assured that it’s tried-and-tested – 100% proven to work.

And it’s not just me that’s tried it and proved it to work…

Thousands of other men have made The Huge Load Formula a daily part of their lives and are enjoying bigger, harder, stronger, fuller erections

Unstoppable staying power…

Improved, unbreakable sexual confidence…


‘Porn-movie’ style cum shots big and powerful enough to drive your woman crazy

Here’s Everything
You’re Going To Get…

When you invest in The Huge Load Formula today you’ll get your own copy of ‘The Huge Load Formula’ special report

It’ll be ready for you to download immediately after purchase and you’ll be able to read the PDF eBook using Adobe Acrobat on your PC, Laptop, tablet or smart phone.

It couldn’t be simpler…

No more wasted time, money and effort searching for the ‘secret to blowing bigger loads.’

No more frustration at finding out that yet another pill, drug, book, audio or DVD program doesn’t give you the HUGE load and rock-hard erection you desire and deserve.

And no more going to bed with your woman whilst worrying about your sexual performance and feeling embarrassed or ashamed when you blow yet another ‘tiny dribbling cum shot’ that barely makes it out of the end of your dick.

When you order The Huge Load Formula today you’ll have the answer to your prays…

The answer to the question of:

“How do I get big, hard, strong, long-lasting erections and blow a HUGE load every time I have sex with my woman?”

The answer is the great tasting drink – that’s quick and easy to make – called ‘The Huge Load Formula’…

Drink it, feel the power, give your woman a massive cum shot

Then sit back and marvel at the look of pure excitement on her face as you spray a never-ending load all over her face, tits, stomach or ass!...

Why ‘The Huge Load Formula’
Is Only $9.95...

The Huge Load Formual by Adam Armstrong

The Huge Load Formula special report is only $9.95 for 2 reasons…

Firstly, because I want as many guys to benefit from this program as possible. I want every guy to go to bed with a rock-hard boner and I want every guy to be able to give the woman he’s having sex with the HUGE load she’s secretly craving.

If I made The Huge Load Formula special report more expensive – it’d price many guys out of it and they’d miss out.

Not what I want.

The second reason this amazing special report is only $9.95 is because I know you might be sceptical.

And that’s OK!

I understand if you are.

After all, there are a million-and-one products out there – ranging from pills to drugs, and books to DVD courses – that all claim to give you a bigger load.

And of course –most of them are useless…

Some are downright dangerous.

So I’m pricing The Huge Load Formula as cheaply as I can (without my team thinking I’ve totally lost the plot!) so that even if you’re sceptical, you’re still only paying less than 10 bucks to find out if my formula works.

Once you test it out for yourself and see how big, hard and strong The Huge Load Formula makes your dick and how powerful and huge it makes your load, I know you’ll agree with me when I say that…

The Huge Load Formula is worth at least 10X what you paid for it.

Heck, what am I talking about?!

The Huge Load Formula special report is PRICELESS...

After all, what price can you – as a man – put on being able to get a rock-hard boner whenever you like, maintain it for 30 minutes or more even when you’re banging your woman HARD and DEEP, and… blowing a mega-cum-shot every single time?

It’ll give you a level of confidence you didn’t even know was possible…

My Rock-Solid, 100% Satisfaction or
Your Money-Back Guarantee…

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

To make grabbing a copy of The Huge Load Formula a total no-brainer for you – you’ll get my rock-solid, 100% satisfaction or your money-back guarantee when you take action right now, today, and get the special report…

Here’s how it works…

If, for any reason, you aren’t happy with your purchase, just shoot an email to me at adam [at] betterinbed dot tv and I’ll refund you in full.

No questions asked.

You have nothing to lose and the following to gain when you make a totally risk-free purchase and get your copy of The Huge Load Formula today:

Better still...

I also guarantee that you won't find 'The Huge Load Formula' special report cheaper anywhere else and, if you do end up asking for a refund - I'll actually let you keep the report...

Think about it...

I wouldn't offer this kind of guarantee unless I was 100% confident that The Huge Load Formula will quickly and easily enable you to blow massive loads, get rock-hard boners and develop porn-star style staying power!

Blow Huge Loads All Over Your Woman Every Time You Have Sex...

she loves nothing more than a big hot load!

Listen up

I’m gonna be completely honest with you…

Having spent YEARS teaching men how to satisfy women in bed, I can tell you that ‘penis issues’ prevent most men from ever becoming STUDS in the bedroom.

Performance anxiety, erectile dysfunction, a lack of staying power and weak, dribbling cum shots give men nightmares.

Men go to bed worrying about this kind of crap, it destroys their sexual confidence and renders them pretty much USELESS in the bedroom.

By the way – that’s why women love ‘Bad Boys’ – because they have unbreakable sexual confidence.

You don’t need a massive schlong, 6-pack-abs or the face of Leonardo DiCaprio to satisfy women in bed. But you do need a rock-hard dick, good staying power and a huge load to spray all over her once you’ve given her incredible sexual pleasure.

The HUGE load is ‘the icing on the cake’ – it makes the woman feel great… it’s like she’s earned a reward for being such a good girl!

A small, dribbling cum shot ruins the experience for her and leaves her wanting more.

Most men will carry on going to bed with a lack of sexual confidence, a weak, limp-dick and a cum-shot that’s nothing to be proud of for the rest of their lives.

And if you’re happy to be one of those guys – that’s OK…

It’s your call.


The truth is that you can be a STUD – even if you’re old, fat and ugly…

You can get a hard-as-steel erection and have unstoppable staying power…

You can possess the kind of sexual confidence that has women dropping their panties for you and BEGGING you for sex before you’ve even said “Hello”…

And “YES” – you can blow the kind of ‘porno-style’ cum shots that every woman wants, but few will ever experience.

And all you need to do to gain that kind of rock-hard cock, unstoppable staying power and mammoth cum shot is…

Drink ‘The Huge Load Formula’

Is The Huge Load Formula great tasting? YES

Is it quick and easy to make? YES

Will it give you a rock-hard cock whenever you want? YES

Will it help you last over 30 minutes even when banging your woman as hard and deep as you can? YES

Will it give you immense sexual confidence? YES


Will The Huge Load Formula make your load truly HUGE? Hell yeah!

To get your copy of The Huge Load Formula special report for the low price of just $9.95 – along with my iron-clad 60 day, 100% satisfaction or your money-back guarantee – click the “Order Now” button below…

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And I'll talk to you soon...

Your friend,

Adam Armstrong

Adam Armstrong
Master Sex Coach and Author of Better In Bed

P.S. The Huge Load Formula special report is just $9.95 today. I guarantee that once you start drinking The great-tasting Huge Load Formula - you’ll agree with me when I say that it’s worth at least 10X what you paid for it

P.P.S. The Huge Load Formula comes with my iron-clad 60 day, 100% satisfaction or your money-back guarantee – making this a total no-brainer and a totally risk-free purchase for you…

P.P.P.S. Chicks dig men with hard dicks, who can last a long-time. They also love guys who exude sexual confidence and blow massive loads. The Huge Load Formula will give you a harder dick, great staying power, unshakable sexual confidence and, of course - a massive load!

If you want to bang your woman and make her ADDICTED to you in the bedroom – you need to give her what she wants…

The Huge Load Formula will help you to give your woman exactly what she wants… a hard dick, good staying power so ‘it’s not over before it’s begun’ and a huge cum shot to spray her with jet after jet of man juice at the end.

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Frequently Asked Questions About
'The Huge Load Formula'

Q: What exactly is The Huge Load Formula?

Answer: It's a simple drink (smoothie) that you can make in the comfort of your own kitchen. Throw the ingredients in your blener (or shaker), whizz it up for 20 seconds and you have your Formula. Drink it down, feel the POWER and prepare to blow HUGE loads in the bedroom

Question: Does The Huge Load Formula taste good?

Answer: YES! It tastes a lot like Chocolate Milkshake. But unlike the Chocolate Milkshake you get in the supermarket or your favorite fast food restaurant - The Huge Load Formula will build health and sexual power (instead of destroying it)

Question: I'm 60 years old and fear my sexual prime is behind me. Is it still worth taking The Huge Load Formula?

Answer: Yes, absolutely. It's never too old to improve your health and your sexual performance

Question: Is The Huge Load Formula safe?

Answer: Completely. 100%. The ingredients are totally natural and available at your local supermarket, health store or online.

Question: How long does it take for The Huge Load Formula To work?

Answer: As soon as you drink it the first time and your body begins to digest the powerful superfoods and superherbs, you will be getting HEALTHIER and your sexual performance will improve. The longer you take it for, the better the results you'll see. Take it once a day for a month and you'll be amazed at how hard, full and strong your erections are, how long you last and how freakin' MASSIVE the loads you plaster your woman with will be! ;)

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More Proof That 'The Huge Load Formula' Helps Guys To Blow MASSIVE Loads...

My Hard-Ons Became A LOT Harder!…

All it took was 3 days and I became a believer. I drank The Huge Load Formula for 3 days and BOOM – I started blowing HUGE loads. As a welcome side-effect – my sex-drive increased and my hard-ons became HARDER… which is all good because I’m sleeping, on average, with 3 different girls a week at the moment!

T.S – Chicago, USA

Drink Huge Load Formula Every Day…

Every guy should drink Adam’s Huge Load Formula every day because, let’s face it – us girls love a guy who can blow a huge load!”

E.M – Los Angeles, USA

Ejaculating More Powerfully…

I was becoming worried and upset with my sex-life. My man never seemed to be ‘in the mood’ and when we did occasionally have sex, he wasn’t really performing. He often went soft and rarely finished. It was pretty disappointing and I didn’t know what to do. Fortunately, I stumbled across Adam’s website, emailed him and he told me about his Huge Load Formula. My man drank it without a fuss (because it tasted great) and let’s just say… he ‘came back to life’ as far as SEX was concerned. He actually wanted to have sex again, his erection was A LOT stronger and he’s also ejaculating more powerfully, which is pretty exciting

M.G – Liverpool, England

Fucked Her All Night Long…

Got to tell you this Adam. The other day I fucked 3 red hot chicks. Met one whilst out shopping, took her back to my place and gave her the treatment. In the club that night I took this really dirty girl to the toilets and fucked her from behind. And then I took another home at the end of the night and fucked her all night long! Feel like a stud! The only way I was able to get hard and keep performing for 3 girls in a day was because of your Huge Load Formula. I’m addicted! Thanks man

S.M – Leeds, England

Harder, Stronger Erections and Massive Loads…

I’d been dating this girl for a while and the sex was OK. It was happening 2 or 3 times a week, but no fireworks. It wasn’t dirty or exciting. We were just going through the motions. But then I started taking The Huge Load Formula and everything changed. I became more dominant and my sex-drive went through the roof. My erections were harder and stronger and I started blowing massive loads. All of this seemed to really turn my girlfriend on and now we’re at it 5 or 6 times a week, sometimes twice a day. Yesterday I came all over her big tits – I totally drenched her. Will be taking the Huge Load Formula forever!

P.P – Sydney, Australia

Hard, Long-Lasting and Blowing The Biggest Loads Of My Life…

Adam, the huge load formula just works. Been taking it a few months and I now feel more sexually powerful in my mid-40’s than I did in my mid-20’s. I’m banging girls half my age and they’re struggling to keep up! Haha! I’m hard, long-lasting and I’m blowing the biggest loads of my entire life.

A.J – Southampton, England

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