If You Needed PROOF That Women Don’t Like ‘Nice Guys’ – and That They Actually Much Prefer DOMINANT Men – Read This Interview with Sara Very Carefully…

In mid-2014 a lady called Sara contacted me via email. 

Over the course of several months emails went back and forth and I came to realize that Sara really ‘got it.’ 

She knew what she wanted in a MAN – and in the BEDROOM. 

So I asked her to do an interview for me.

Here is the result… 

HINT: it’s loaded with ‘nuggets of Gold’ if you’re a guy who truly wants to SATISFY his woman in the bedroom. 

Read on carefully…

Adam, you asked why I like dominant men and the specific things they do in the bedroom. Here are my thoughts and also some examples of personal experiences: 

3 hot blondes

They don’t wanna go to bed with a wimpy nice guy!

When a man is dominant it makes me feel more FEMININE. We can admit and celebrate the differences there are between a man and a woman, instead of down playing and pretending we are equal in all areas, like we do in our day to day lives. 

I enjoy feeling a man’s strength. It is a huge turn on. Being pulled to the edge of the bed by the ankles, or lifted in any way, or when he physically puts me in the position he wants… it’s all very hot!  

For instance, if I’m lying on my stomach and he is entering from behind, and then he puts his hand under my body and lifts my hips to put me in the doggie style position. Or when in missionary and he enters me and also puts his hand underneath me, on my butt, and lifts me against him as he pushes inside. Awesome! 

When a man holds eye contact from across the room, then stalks over and pins me to the wall, then gives me a lengthy steamy kiss, that ends only when he decides. 

Anytime I can feel his STRENGTH it’s a huge turn on and doing it dominantly really gets me going. 

Standing next to the bed and kissing, my man recently turned me around, put one hand on my abdomen and the other on my back and physically bent me over the bed. REALLY hot! 

He doesn’t ask. Like you say Adam, he just does it.  

One time I said I needed to use the bathroom. He said “Okay go, but quickly, and then I want you right back here in this position.”  He said it in a deep, serious, no fooling around voice. That’s just freaking hot! 

Of course dominance can also be gentle. 

A great example is when he turns my face to his to kiss me, or lifts my chin so he can look into my eyes.  Often he can do this with just one finger under my chin. Every woman loves this, it never gets old!  

I agree with your 5 dirty talk lines you sent out via email not long ago, especially the one when having anal sex, for him to say “I own your ass”.  That would push me over the edge!

Sometimes I will instigate sex just to see and feel his dominant reaction. He knows what I’m doing but likes the game too. 

For instance, when we are starting to fool around I’ll resist him, give him a smirk, and look him in the eye and put my hand on his chest and push him away. Well, I’ll TRY to push him away anyway. This just makes him pull me in and hold me tighter. 

So then I’ll turn my head when he tries to kiss, which of course makes him physically turn my head or put his hand in my hair to hold my head so he can kiss me. It usually continues from there, being physically put on the bed and having both my arms pinned down and so on… 

Another favorite of mine, since I’m pretty petite, is when a man can hold both my wrists in one hand. Is it HOT that a man can have that much strength. It’s just a huge turn on.  This also leaves him free to use his body weight and other hand to do as they please.  Grrrr! 

My partner likes to lay out lingerie and let me choose what to wear, but stops my hand when I reach for the outfit, and says “No, I will change your clothes” and he will do just that, he will change my clothes – very hot! 

If he has to get out of bed for any reason during sex, he will tell me in his deep authoritative voice “Don’t you dare move”. Then give me the look for a few seconds. Or Sometimes he’ll say “Don’t move or I will handcuff you!”  Another huge turn on for me. 

Dominant men also will toy with you before sex. Sometimes they’ll threaten to spank you for some reason.  And it’s hot because I know they’ll do it.  A nice guy is not going to threaten you with a spanking and you know there is no follow through even if he did. 

I can’t explain why dominance is a turn on other than it must be a female instinct.  It’s just how our brain works.  I am submissive in the bedroom, therefore I need a dominant partner. 

Adam, you also asked me to explain how ‘nice guys’ fail to get women hot and bothered in the bedroom. Here are my thoughts… 

Woman in leather pants

Pants down – ready for a dominant spanking!

I’m sure there are some women out there who like a nice guy in the bedroom, but they have probably never had anything else and don’t know better. LOL.  

Nice guys ASK if we want to fool around. Dominant men just do it. They come up and take you, sweep you off your feet so to speak. 

Women don’t want to give permission.  

Same inside the bedroom… nice guys will ASK if you want to switch positions or be meek in making the change. You say a lot of this stuff in your emails, blog posts and programs Adam. And it’s all very true. 

I couldn’t articulate that that was the problem with my ex-husband until I read it on your blog, and thought, yeah, THAT’S IT!  

My ex-husband was submissive. Yuk.  A huge turn off. 

All this is not to say that I don’t like to ride on top, but when I do, it is me that asks my partner if I can.  I certainly can’t get ‘on top’ with a dominant man without ASKING as I can’t move him.  A nice guy will cave as soon as he feels me attempt to move and will just let me move him – wimpy.  

I want to feel the resistance from a man, I want to feel the dominant man’s STRENGTH and know I cannot change our position by just moving. 

Sometimes I will try to move a dominant man while he is reaching for something. I will attempt to sit up and he (my dominant partner) will just use one hand and push me back down and give me the look that says “Oh no you don’t. I’m in charge here.”  Sometimes I will do it just to get that dominant reaction because it is hot.  

A nice guy would have let me move and questioned himself on what course we should take. Lame… I might as well be making the decisions myself.  The indecisiveness of a ‘nice man’ is a turn off.  

Nice guys don’t say dirty things to stimulate your mind. They don’t have it in them, they are the same outside the bedroom as they are inside the bedroom. None of that is hot or exciting or stimulating.  

And nice guys definitely don’t spank. Nothing wrong with a slap on the ass but a nice guy wouldn’t think of “hitting” a woman.  A dominant man knows the difference between ‘hitting’ a woman and giving her erotic slaps on the ass. 


Nice guys fail because: 

  • They ask
  • They don’t make firm decisions during sex
  • They don’t say dirty things or move you around the bed
  • They lack imagination
  • They aren’t rough or strong 

Question is: 

How do you learn to be the ‘dominant man’ Sara just described? 

Hands down the best way is to go through my Bedroom Boss program. 

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