If You Want More Health, A Pain-Free Back – and Massive Success with Women – You Better Not Ignore Your Posture! Here’s Why…

Having great posture is a very manly thing.

Women are ATTRACTED to men with powerful posture.

You already know how it looks:

  • Head looking forwards, directly over the spine (not pushed forwards)
  • Shoulders back and down
  • Chest out
  • Belly in

Simply, huh?

Of course, the opposite is:

Head forwards, shoulders slumped, chest caved in, belly out. Which makes you look AWFUL, and not very manly.

Honestly, just by IMPROVING your posture, you can go from a 5/10 to a 9 or a 10/10 in most women’s eyes! 

Here are some of the key benefits of having great posture:

  • Increased overall health (both for your internal ORGANS, and your joints)
  • A Pain-Free Back (80% of Americans will get back pain at least once in their lives. Most of them will have BAD posture).
  • More success with women (because a man with great posture looks MASCULINE and POWERFUL. This makes you good ‘mating material’ for a woman. Women also look at guys who look masculine and powerful and they get WET, because they’re thinking: “Oh boy, I bet he could really give me a good ‘seeing to’ in the bedroom”)

Are you ‘sold’ on improving your posture?

Great. 😉

Next question:

“Why Do So Many Men Have Bad Posture?”

Good Posture vs Bad Posture

Good Posture vs Bad Posture – which version do you think WOMEN prefer?

I think there are really 2 reasons for this:

1. A lack of AWARENESS. 

2. Sitting

The lack of awareness means that guys simply aren’t aware of how the things they do on a daily basis are ruining their posture.

So, they keep doing them, over and over again, day in day out – and over a period of months and years – it just RUINS there posture…

…leading to back pain, neck ache, trouble sleeping, breathing issues, and less SEX than they’d like (because women simply aren’t as ATTRACTED to you when your posture sucks).

Sitting down too much is the #1 reason why most men today have less than perfect posture.

As a society, we sit down:

  • At work
  • When we travel
  • When we watch TV

It’s SHOCKING how many hours we spend sat down.

And, if you’re not careful – and you sit with a rounded back, and a ‘head forwards posture’ – sooner or later you stand like that and walk round like that…

And you’re doing bad things to your health. Potentially without even realizing it.

Now. The really bad news is:

You Can’t FAKE Good Posture!

Sure, you can tell yourself that you’re gonna make a conscious effort to walk round with your shoulders back and down, your chest out and belly in.

And, you might be able to do it for a while.

But, I promise you this…

In the long-run – you CANNOT fake it!

Sooner or later (most probably sooner), something will distract you – and you will revert back to your ingrained posture. If that’s GREAT posture – that’s no problem.

But, if you’re like most men, it’s not great posture.

Instead, it means you’ll revert back to that unattractive, unhealthy, head forwards, shoulders slumped, chest in/belly out posture that effects so many men in the 21st Century.

Want to know how to FIX your posture?

So you improve your health, protect your back – and instantly become more ATTRACTIVE to women?

Read on and I’ll give you 2 suggestions…

2 Ways to Improve Your Posture…

My first suggestion is to spend LESS time sitting down.

These days you can work at a computer stood up (if you get a specially designed table that’s higher).

You don’t have to watch TV, or read a book, SITTING DOWN. You could lie on the floor! 


Who says you have to sit down on certain types of public transport? For instance, if you use the train – there is nothing to stop you standing up (at least for some of the journey).

Of course, there are times when you HAVE TO sit down. 

When you HAVE TO sit down – because there is no alternative – make a conscious effort to ‘sit up,’ 

Here are some points to remember when sitting:

  • Sit up straight. Do not slouch
  • Think “Chest out, shoulders back and down, belly in”
  • Keep your head, over your spine. As opposed to being pushed forwards

Now, my second suggestion for better posture will change you life…

It’s not just a ‘posture exercise’ – but I’m too busy to explain the other benefits right now. So all I’ll say is this:

Do 5-10 minutes of Baby Crawling a day.

You will like the results, from a POSTURE point of view – and in many other ways too.

Here’s a video from my friends at Original Strength, showing you how to do the Baby Crawl correctly. (Watch closely and note the finer points of this simple, yet powerful exercise):

One Last Thing…

Hot woman on computer

You don’t have to sit down to browse the web or watch TV! Lying down is often a better idea!

I’ve given you 2 great suggestions in this blog post, about how to develop better posture.

One is to sit down less often!

The other is to do 5-10 minutes of Baby Crawling a day.

Both will do wonders for your posture.

Of course, there are many other ways to improve your posture too.

And, improving your posture might just be one of the quickest and EASIEST ways to improve the success you enjoy with women…

Because posture improvements quite literally make you more ATTRACTIVE in an instant!

That thought in mind, if your posture is less than perfect, I’m gonna recommend you grab a copy of this new program called:

Forwards Head Posture Fix

Forwards Head Posture Fix

A set of simple, proven exercises to fix your posture!

Because, in the amazing Forwards Head Posture Fix program – you’ll discover a set of simple exercises PROVEN to improve your posture in double-quick time. All without spending hours in the gym.

Check out ‘Fowards Head Posture Fix’ by clicking here

And I’ll talk to you soon…

Your friend,

Adam Armstrong

P.S. Got any comments or questions?

Leave ’em in the box below… (and I’ll get back to you ASAP).


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