If You Think You Need to Take ‘Dick Pills’ Such As ‘The Little Blue Pill’ to Get An Erection, Think Again… Cuz You’re About to Discover a Much SAFER and More Effective Alternative…

The PENIS PILL business is BIG business.

You know what I’m talking about, right?

Yep, that’s it… I’m talking about HUGE pharmaceutical companies selling things like ‘The Little Blue Pill.’

Pills that make your dick HARD!

It’s a multi-billionaire dollar industry – and men all over the world take ‘The Little Blue Pill’ (and its many rivals) in the hope of getting rock-hard erections.

Question is:

“Even though your Doctor might recommend you take one of these ‘Penis Pills’ if you go see him about a ‘can’t get it up’ type issue – should you take ‘em?”

“NO,” you should not.

In the rest of this blog post I’ll explain why I say that you shouldn’t take DICK PILLS. And, I’ll show you a better way to get:

  • Rock hard erections any time you like (so you can have sex whenever you and your woman are ‘in the mood’)
  • Impressive staying power – so you can last 20 minutes or more every time

Sound good?

Then let’s get into it…

2 Massive – and Scary – Problems with Big Pharma’s ‘Dick Pills’…

Man can't get it up

‘Penis Pills’ can RUIN your SEXUAL CONFIDENCE

There are easily enough PROBLEMS with ‘Penis Pills’ to warrant an entire book being written about it.

Heck, I’m sure someone has already written that book – and you could probably find it on Amazon if you want.

But, right now, let’s touch on 2 of the biggest drawbacks facing any man who decides to take a PILL to make his DICK HARD…

Firstly, you got the SIDE-EFFECT issue.

And, secondly, you got the ‘they make you HARD, but don’t give you TRUE SEXUAL DESIRE’ issue.

Let’s talk about the side-effect issue first. Cuz this is the one that’s SCARY…

If you go to good-old Google, and you type in something like:

“Viagra side effects”…

And then you do a little reading; you will probably be pretty shocked.

The lists of side effects these DICK PILLS can cause is freakin’ scary. We’re talking about a list of side-effects as long as your arm, some of them potentially FATAL…


Needless to say…

If you end up DEAD, getting a boner will be the last of your troubles!

But the thing is…

A man’s ability to get hard and satisfy his woman is so important to him – that many men (MILLIONS) take these DANGEROUS pills regardless of the side-effects.

Seems strange to me – but people can be just that… STRANGE.

Anyway, that’s the BIGGEST reason why I say you shouldn’t take ‘Dick Pills’ from Big Pharma. Cuz they ain’t healthy – and come with some potentially very serious side effects. Plus, there’s a SAFE, NATURAL alternative, so why risk your life when you don’t have to? (More on that shortly).

First, let’s discuss…

The FACT that ‘Penis Pills’ can give you a very HARD erection – but they do nothing for your sexual desire.

I’ve never taken a ‘Dick Pill’ – and I never will. But I’ve spoken with a great many men who have…

One of the common things they share with me is that fact that while these ‘Magic Pills’ certainly can give you a VERY hard erection – they do nothing to really increase sexual desire…

They don’t make you HORNY…

They don’t really make you want to have sex.

One guy told me he went through this phase of taking a very well-known ‘Penis Pill’ and he and his wife were having sex 3-5 times a week. He’d take the pill, then 20-30 minute later they’d ‘do it.’

Trouble is…

He said neither he nor she really enjoyed it!

Why didn’t they enjoy it?

Because even though he was REALLY HARD – he just wasn’t that into it. So he’d fuck her, but in a robotic, not-that-bothered kind of a way…

And women are very perceptive, so she picked up on his lack of interest… and, not surprisingly, the SEX SUCKED. Even though he was hard-as-hell.

This leads nicely into my next key point…

The Shocking Truth Is: ‘Penis Pills’ Emasculate Men and Ruin Their Confidence with Women…

Hot woman, ass in air

Getting HARD is your masculine right! Pills shouldn’t be needed…

If you thought what I shared with you in the previous section was BAD, wait till you read this…

For most men, their ability to get HARD – and SATISFY their women in bed – is a HUGE part of being a MAN.

You can agree with me on that point, right?

So, when a man LOSES that ability to get a hard erection – and give his woman sexual pleasure – he isn’t gonna just accept it. He’s gonna try and find a solution.

For most men, that means a trip to the Doctors, and the probable suggestion from the Doctor will be some PENIS PILLS.

If the guy is unaware of the side-effect issue that comes with these pills, he’ll probably think he’s hit the SEXUAL JACKPOT.

“Wow, you mean I just take the pill a little while before sex and it gives me a boner?”

“Oh YES” the good Doctor says.

And off this guy goes with his little bag of pills – like a kid in the Candy store.

Now, here’s the thing…

For a while – maybe a few nights, or even a few weeks or months – the ‘Penis Pills’ might make the guy very happy. After all, he’s gone from NO BONER – to hard, strong boners…

And he’s able to fuck his wife into the middle of next week, every night of the week.

Success, right?

Well, not exactly…

See, let’s assume this guy doesn’t even suffer from any of the side-effects associated with these erection-inducing DRUGS…

That still doesn’t mean all is good.


Allow me to explain…

See, the ugly truth is that even though ‘dick pills’ are supposed to give a man is MASCULINITY back – they do the opposite.

Here’s why…

Getting an ERECTION is a man’s right. It’s just like a woman getting WET – it should happen NATURALLY, without needing drugs.

The fact that a man has to take a drug to get an erection is EMASCULATING. It suggests he is no longer a fully functioning male – and it will make him feel like LESS of a man. This FACT is pretty tough to escape from.

What happens if he runs out of pills, but his woman is horny?

AWKWARD conversation.

What happens if his woman finds out he needs pills to get hard?

AWKWARD conversation. And one that might make her feel INSECURE, because she’ll likely think:

“I’m not enough to make him hard anymore. Now he needs pills”

All of this will RUIN a man’s sexual confidence – and quite possibly his intimate relationship.

In fact, I can tell you this with 100% certainty…

There isn’t a truly sexually confident man on this planet who has to rely on DRUGS (‘Dick Pills’) to get a BONER.

Dick Pills emasculate men.

They ruin their sexual confidence.

My advice to you is this…

If you currently have no ‘dick issue’ problems – do all that you can to keep things that way!


If you have problems ‘getting it up’ – don’t use DRUGS to fix the problem. Do it the SAFE, NATURAL WAY…

Because when you fix your issue safely and naturally – you’ll feel AMAZING. You’ll feel sexually confident and masculine – and, “YES” – you’re woman will be about 100X more ‘into you’ than if you need a pill to get hard.

Now, let’s talk about…

7 Steps to Getting Rock-Hard Erections the SAFE, NATURAL WAY…

Hot brunette going down on guy

Get HEALTHY and you’ll get HARD. That is the secret!

Before we dig into the 7 steps that are going to give you impressively hard, strong, vein-bulging erections – let me share something real simple with you…

Something real simple your Doctor likely won’t share with you…

Here goes:

Your ability to get rock-hard erections whenever you want them requires GOOD HEALTH and optimal testosterone levels.

That’s a real simple way of looking at it – but it’s also very accurate.

Good health + high testosterone levels = pretty damn hard erections (and a high sexual appetite).

It’s just the way it works.

No trying to hide from it.

So, what if instead of worrying about your ERECTION – you just focused on building SUPREME HEALTH.

What do you think might happen if you did that?

That’s right

You’d almost certainly end up enjoying MASSIVE sexual performance – including all the HARDNESS, staying power, and desire you – and your woman – could ever handle!

So, right here, right now, let me share 7 steps with you that’ll build both RADIANT health, and the kind of fat, throbbing hard-ons emotionally healthy women just can’t resist…

Get Healthy, Get Hard Step #1:
Drink Plenty of Spring Water

The body is made up mostly of WATER.

Many people could live for WEEKS without food.

Nobody could live more than a few DAYS without water.

For many people – who’ve spent years drinking coffee, tea, soda, fruit juice and energy drinks – the simple act of cutting back on all that crap, and drinking more water, can make them feel AMAZING.

If you wanna get HEALTHY and enjoy huge sexual performance – you gotta get HYDRATED.

Science has proven that a 2% drop in hydration levels can lead to a whopping 20% drop in performance!

So what are you waiting for?

Drink at least 2 litres of SPRING WATER a day

(IMPORTANT NOTE: avoid tap water and plastic bottled water. Drink either glass bottled spring water, or water collected from a local spring. Visit www.FindASpring.com to learn more about the second option)

Get Healthy, Get Hard Step #2:
Eat a Natural, Unprocessed Diet

For most people, this is the BIGGIE.

The step that’ll have the BIGGEST effect on their health and sexual power.

Stop eating PROCESSED junk, and start eating NATURAL, unprocessed foods.

This means focusing your nutrition on:

  • Fruits and veggies
  • Nuts and Seeds
  • Best quality meat, poultry, fish and raw dairy
  • Healthy fats (such as avocados, coconut oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and egg yolks)
  • Healthy carbs (root veggies, rice, quinoa etc)

Pretty simple.

You just gotta do it 😉

Get Healthy, Get Hard Step #3:
Do Some Deep Breathing Daily

While you could probably go 3 or 4 days without WATER – you’d be lucky to go 3 or 4 MINUTES without air.

Deep breathing is a FANTASTIC thing to do and really helps to build good health.

I do some as part of my ‘Morning Routine’ every day, usually breathing in for 3 seconds through my nose, then out for 3 seconds through my mouth. Usually for 30 ‘deep breaths’ in total.

If you can do it outside, in clean, fresh air – that’s even better.

One thing you’ll notice when you regularly practice deep breathing is that your CARDIOVASCULAR fitness goes through the roof – and your sexual staying power greatly increases.

Pretty good benefits for a couple minutes effort a day, right?

Get Healthy, Get Hard Step #4:
Exercise Every Day

Couple having sex

Vigorous SEX definitely counts as EXERCISE 😉

We live in a society where people are mostly LAZY.

They SIT down A LOT.

They do not move enough.

The body you have been given is designed to move. Move more and feel better (assuming you move correctly!).

I recommend exercising daily, rarely, if ever, to failure – and varying what you do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. (I’ll discuss this in more detail in a future blog post).

For now, just know this…

If you wanna MOVE WELL, and exercise daily with NO PAIN – you’d be wise to visit my friends at www.OriginalStrength.net and read what you find with an open mind. Then thank me later.

For the record – I do some ‘Original Strength’ every single day, without fail. And have done for over 2 years. I’ll let you visit their site to find out why!

Get Healthy, Get Hard Step #5:

Stress is a SEXUAL KILLER.

If can destroy your sex-drive – and your ability to get hard.

Too much stress is also not good for your health.

How can you de-stress?

  • Meditate
  • Take leisurely walks
  • Do gentle exercise
  • Get ‘toxic people’ out of your life
  • Fix things that are bothering you
  • Do some deep breathing
  • Spend time with people who relax you
  • Watch comedy

I could go on – but that’ll get you started, right?

Certainly don’t smoke cigarettes or take drugs (recreational or pharmaceutical) like many people do to relieve stress. Because although these things might TEMPORARILY relieve stress – they cause MORE STRESS in the long-run.

Get Healthy, Get Hard Step #6:
Take Superfoods

Superfoods are really NUTRITIONALLY dense foods that can take your health, energy, vitality, over-all sense of well-being – and “YES,” sexual performance – to a whole new level.

Wheatgrass, Maca and Camu Camu Berry are 3 examples. But there are HUNDREDS to choose from.

I created a smoothie called ‘The Huge Load Formula’ a couple years back that contains several of the best Superfoods. It will likely give you harder, longer-lasting erections and bigger loads.

No pill required.

At the time of writing, over 10,000 men have used the Huge Load Formula to help ‘em get HEALTHY and GET HARD.

Click here for all the details

Get Healthy, Get Hard Step #7:
Take Superherbs

Superherbs are another way to dramatically improve health and sexual performance, SAFELY and NATURALLY, in a very short period of time.

If you know how to combine Superherbs into FORMULAS – you can further increase their power.

Trouble is – it can take YEARS to learn which herbs go best together.


My friend, Master Herbalist Elwin Robinson, and I, created something really neat for you. It’s called: Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula. And it’s a unique herbal blend designed to give men:

  • Harder erections
  • More staying power


  • Bigger loads

All you do is stick 2 level teaspoons of the Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula in some warm water, give it a stir, and drink it once a day.

Then prepare to say “HELLO” to better health and better hard-ons.


Click here for all the details

And I’ll talk to you soon…

Your friend,

Adam Armstrong

P.S. Got any comments, questions or suggestions? Leave them in the comments area below and I’ll get back to you asap…


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