If You Think That Women Want Men To Make Love To Them Softly and Gently – Think Again, Because The Truth Is – Women Want To Get Fucked…

It’s true. Seriously – it is. Women want to be fucked!

You know that line:

“Girls just wanna have fun”

Well, it’s secretly code for… Women just wanna get fucked.

I realize that what I’m saying sounds harsh… it sounds crude… and it’s pretty damn blunt. But what the heck…

I’m a busy person – and I bet you are too.

So there’s no point in me using 10,000 complex words trying to say what can be said in just 5 simple ones…

Women. Want. To. Be. Fucked.

This book proves my point (HINT: it’s written by a woman):

Just F*ck Me! – What Women Want Men to Know About Taking Control in the Bedroom (A Guide for Couples) – Revised Edition W/ Censored Cover

The reason why so many men are confused about this FACT – and why so many men think women really want a ‘nice guy’ who’ll treat them softly and delicately in the bedroom – is because women don’t often tell you what they really want.

You see, if they did – they’d get labelled as cheap, easy and slutty.

Yet the reality is that being cheap, easy and slutty have very little to do with wanting to get FUCKED.

Allow me to explain…

It’s The Ultimate Expression Of Being A Woman…

Very hot brunette womanHere’s some wisdom you should keep somewhere safe…

One of the most powerful things you can do for your woman is to make her feel like a WOMAN.

Many women these days feel like ‘bread-winners’, child-carers, home-keepers and so on.

And that’s ok… many women enjoy working, love bringing up their kids and get a strange kick out of keeping the house clean and tidy.

But what women really want is to feel like WOMEN.

Do you know how to make your woman feel that way?

It’s pretty simple…

Buy her some fancy ear rings, a flowery dress and some killer high heels.


Only joking about that last line… ear rings, dresses and nice shoes aren’t gonna make her feel like a woman.

This is…

Being fucked.


By YOU – since you’re her man.

I’m not kidding around with you…

That’s what will make your woman feel like the sexiest, happiest woman alive…

Being fucked HARD and DEEP by you…

Throw in some dirty talk, be ruthlessly dominant, make the sex naughty and be sure to ‘get her off’ over and over again and she’ll feel like a real WOMAN.

Nothing else can make her feel this way.

It’s what she wants, but will probably never tell you. She just wants you to ‘step up’ and make it happen like a STUD.

The Crazy Truth…

Women in white underwearSex feels better for women than it does for men (when it’s good).

Women can ‘get off’ in so many different ways and their potential for sexual pleasure is virtually unlimited…

It’s not uncommon for my girlfriend to have 10 orgasms or more in a single session.

And sometimes she has these crazy blended orgasms where I literally cannot tell where one ends and the next begins.

And you know what? I don’t care! And neither does she. You see, once I get her to that place it’s not about counting orgasms – it’s just about being ‘in the moment’ and enjoying that mind-blowing pleasure.

And it’s this level of PLEASURE that causes the female sex drive to skyrocket.

So your hard work is repaid handsomely because when you give her great sex – she then wants it WHENEVER you do and she’s willing to do virtually ANYTHING you desire in the bedroom.

Here’s the question:

“What exactly do I mean when I say that women want to be fucked?”

Here’s your answer…

Some Of The Things Your Woman Wants In Bed But Will Probably Never Tell You…

In no particular order, here’s a random list of some of the things your woman wants you to do in the bedroom but will probably never tell you…

  • Talk dirty. Often. The ruder the better
  • Grab her hair
  • Slap her ass. Hard enough to make a crisp slapping sound
  • Play with her ass. Try gently rubbing her anus as you do her doggy-style
  • Blow your load on her ass, tits and stomach
  • Blow her load on her face (not every woman likes this, but most do – once they’re having GREAT sex)
  • Orgasms. Clitoral, vaginal, anal, multiple, squirting, nipple – make them ALL happen for your woman
  • Tease her. Because sometimes you have to ‘be cruel to be kind’
  • Make some noise when she’s giving you head. Because laying, sitting or standing there in silence whilst she ‘sucks you off’ makes her think you’re not enjoying it
  • Make it quick. Because sometimes she just wants you to use her for your own pleasure (NOTE: Don’t always make it quick! Just have a ‘quickie’ every now and then)
  • Screw her in public. Because the thought of being caught makes her feel very naughty
  • Tie her up. Because it shows her you’re the dominant badass she loves to get fucked by
  • Use a variety of sexual positions. Particularly ones that let her feel your masculine strength
  • Lick her out with PASSION and ENTHUSIASM. Because many guys ‘go down’ as if they don’t want to and that’s a massive ‘turn off’ for a woman
  • Keep her guessing. So that the sex is always interesting and exciting and she feels like she never knows what’s going to happen next

Bedroom Boss by Adam ArmstrongWant a proven plan for fucking your woman the way she wants to be fucked?

Grab a copy of Bedroom Boss, follow the ‘idiot-proof’ step-by-step instructions and there’ll only be one outcome…

She’ll call you her STUD and she’ll be ADDICTED to your dick. Period.

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IMPORTANT NOTE:  I’m not saying that women never want soft, slow, gentle love-making by candlelight. Sometimes they do.

But most of the time – most women want to get FUCKED. Hard and deep. Why is that? Simple… because it ‘get them off’ and makes them feel like WOMEN.

Bedroom Boss shows you how to fuck her hard and deep and ‘get her off’ in over 12 different ways. “YES” – 12. That ain’t a typo!


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