So Stud, You Got A Small Dick? Here’s What You Gotta Do…

Penis size drives many men crazy.

And let me tell you…

It’s not just guys with SMALL dicks that get all hung up and insecure about it.

I once had a guy email me asking if he knew a way to make his dick BIGGER. He had over 9 inches.


That dude was bigger than 99% of guys on the planet – and yet he felt insecure about his SIZE. That was the least of his problems. He needed his head examining!

In this blog post I wanna share some cold hard truths with you about penis size (I’m gonna bullet point the whole thing for you – to make it quick n’ easy to read).

Take a deep breath, and read on carefully:

  • As far as I am aware – you cannot change your penis size. I’m not saying it’s not possible – but I’ve not really researched it and I’ve heard most ‘get bigger’ protocols are BS. My point? No point worrying over shit you cannot control (it’s a great way to screw yourself mentally)
  • Most women do not care about size. They care about PLEASURE. And the good news is… you can give your woman every type of orgasm you can think of, whatever your size. Given this FACT is true – there is no point worrying over size 
  • Some women do label themselves ‘Size Queens.’ I once dated a woman like this. She’d never dated a guy with less than 10 inches. I do not have 10 inches. After I’d slept with her twice she said: “I’ve been wrong about size all these years. You’ve just shown me stuff I didn’t know was possible” (Hint: It’s all about dominance, dirty talk and the correct techniques – NOT size)
Busty blonde in bikini

She’s much more interested in how much PLEASURE you can give her – as opposed to how big your dick is!


  • While size is not important, MAXIMIZING what you have is. No woman wants a limp dicked guy, or a guy who cannot last 3 minutes. That’s just awkward and zero fun. To maximize your performance – drink Man Tea and Huge Load Formula daily. Throw in Porn Star Power and use Instant Erection Lube too 
  • Many guys compare their ‘dick size’ with other guys at the urinal and try to gage ‘how big they are.’ This is dumb because some guys have a GROWER and some have a ‘SHOWER.’ So flaccid penis size is a poor indicator of ‘erection size.’  Also, when you look down at your dick – it always looks smaller than viewing some other guys junk from the side. But, anyway – what the fuck are you doing checking out other guy’s dicks? You like pussy, right? 😉 
  • Being BIG isn’t what many guys think it is. Remember, in porn they offer use things like ‘numbing creams.’ My point? Having 12 inches ‘in the real world’ is too much for many women. It’d be a pain in the neck for you (and a pain in the pussy for her) 
  • When a woman is in an ORGASMIC state – and it was YOU who put her into that state – she will roll with just about anything you say. So, when she’s cumming all over your cock, say things like: “Baby, you love it when I fuck you with my big dick.” She will never turn around and say: “You don’t have a big dick.” She will get EXCITED by hearing you talk about ‘having a big dick.’ It’s just the way it works.
  • If you are confident about your dick – your woman will pick up on that fact and it’ll turn her on. And help her to relax. If you are worried and shy about your dick – the opposite will be true!

I hope these points have made you feel CONFIDENT about your size, whatever it might be.

Now, let’s talk about what really matters:

To maximize your ability to ‘get hard and stay hard’ do this:

To give your woman insane levels of sexual pleasure:

  • Be sexually dominant 
  • Talk dirty 
  • Master the correct orgasm techniques

Best place to learn all about dominance, dirty talk and orgasm techniques?

My Bedroom Boss program of course!

Click here for all the details

And I’ll talk to you soon…

Your friend,

Adam Armstrong

P.S. Leave any comments/questions you might have in the comments area below – and I’ll get back to you asap…


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