Think You Gotta Touch Your Woman’s Clitoris or Pussy to Make Her Cum? Think Again Stud…

‘Non-genital orgasms’ – doesn’t sound too SEXY, does it?

Yet, it’s quite possibly the horniest, naughtiest, downright most EXCITING thing you can ever do for your woman in the bedroom.


  • Spanking her to orgasm 
  • Sucking her nipples till she cums in your mouth 
  • Licking her neck until she climaxes

All without touching her clitoris, pussy or ass in ANY way!


Kind of.

Yet, it’s entirely possible.

Most men still think they gotta lick that clit for 20, 30 minutes or more to ‘get their women off.’ But that’s just CONFUSED thinking.

Clitoral stimulation is just one way – the simplest (but not the best) way – to make a woman cum.

Some men educate themselves and realize that VAGINAL stimulation can produce more powerful orgasms. So they get all clued up on G-Spot and A-Spot stimulation.

And that’s great.

A HUGE step in the right direction.

Other guys take it further and make their women ‘squirters.’ Some men learn how to give their women ANAL ORGASMS.

All good.

All great.

I love it all!


All these orgasms rely on GENITAL (and/or anal) stimulation.

It’s All In Her Head…

Hot red head

A woman’s orgasm is mostly in her HEAD!

You gotta remember that ORGASM is really all in your woman’s HEAD. In her MIND.

It’s not in her pussy, clit or ass.

Once you open your mind to this FACT – that her ORGASM is really all in her MIND – you realize that it’s possible to make women cum in a frightening number of ways.

The only limit is your imagination!

Right now, I want to share a quick story with you.

The story will show you how I first discovered ‘non-genital orgasms’ – and the story will show you the #1 secret to giving women these powerful kinds of orgasm.

Here goes:

Several years back I was fucking this girl and she was riding a HUGE wave of pleasure. I began the ‘session’ by licking her to clit until she came.

Then I fucked her pussy until she had several vaginal orgasms during intercourse.

I then switched to her ass and rode her to a few ANAL ORGASMS.

As I pulled out of her ass, she was a mess (in a good way).

She was in such a SUGGESTIVE state that it occurred to me that I could probably say whatever I wanted to her – and she would just do as she was told and cum!

So I tried it…

I bent her over my knee and said:

“Baby, I’m going to spank you very hard and you’re going to enjoy it”

“The more I spank you the wetter you’re going to get. Do you understand?”

She replied that she did…

And then I began spanking her.

With each spanked she cried out in PLEASURE.

And, I carried on talking dirty…

“Baby, the harder I spank you, the WETTER you’ll get”

“Baby, the more I spank you the HORNIER it makes you feel”

“Baby, the more I spank you the more it makes you want to CUM”

On and on…

And sure enough…

EVERYTHING I said was coming true…

So, I took the plunge and said:

“Baby, the next time I spank you you’re going to do as you’re told and cum very hard. Do you understand?”

Once she said: “YES” – I spanked her and said:

“Baby, cum now, cum hard for me”

And, of course, she did.

Little Did She Know…

Woman bent over on bed

Great ass huh? 😉 Only way to keep a woman like that HAPPY is to make her CUM

That experience BLEW MY MIND as much as it blew hers. Because it made me realize that when a woman is in an orgasmic state – she is open to massive suggestion.

And, if you make your suggestions in a way that is dominant and 100% CONFIDENT – she will do pretty much whatever you say.

In other words…

You can make her cum in any way you like.

I tested this theory out with a great many women – and it worked EVERY TIME. Once the woman was ‘lost in an orgasmic’ state – I could tell her to cum in any way I wanted, and she would.

Spanking orgasms were just the start…

Nipple orgasms followed.

Then orgasms where I made the girl cum as she ‘sucked me off’ (Note: I didn’t touch her as she blew me and I didn’t let her touch herself).

The list goes on and on.

Perhaps my favorite orgasm was the kind where I said to the woman:

“When I pull out of your pussy and shoot my load on your tits – you will cum very hard”

Imagine it!

You ride your woman…

You tell her the act of your spraying your spunk all over her tits will make her CUM –and, sure enough – that’s exactly what happens when you pull out and let the money shot fly!

Priceless stuff.

Stuff most guys will go to the grave without even realizing they could have done.

Just In Case You’re Still Wondering:

The #1 secret to giving your woman non-genital orgasm is to simply tell her what you want her to do, get her to agree, then tell her to do it!

And, if she takes you seriously, and she’s in one helluva ‘orgasmic state’ – she’ll do exactly as she’s told.

Where can you learn more?

In Bedroom Boss.

In fact, in Bedroom Boss I’ll teach you how to give your woman more than 12 different kinds of ORGASM. Some genital, some non-genital.

Grab a copy, read it, take action – and thank me later.

Bedroom Boss by Adam Armstrong

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And I’ll talk to you soon…

Your friend,

Adam Armstrong

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