Want To Make Your Woman Cum Harder Than Ever Before? If You Do – You Need to Use Some HARD-CORE Dirty Talk… Here’s A Great Example…

Women LOVE dirty talk.

And let me tell you…

The more HARD-CORE it is, the better.

You see, here’s the thing…

Dirty talk provides that all-important ‘mental stimulation’ that women crave during sex. In fact, mental stimulation is something women NEED in order to experience their true ‘sexual pleasure potential.’

Shame most guys SUCK at dirty talk.

Most guys don’t try to talk dirty – cuz they’re afraid.

Many of the ones who do talk dirty SCREW IT UP – and offend their women, or make ‘em laugh, instead of making them hot, wet, horny and orgasmic.

It’s a sorry state of affairs.

You only have to worry about YOU.

You only have to worry about what you’re gonna say to your woman in the bedroom – to have her cumming so hard she wakes the neighbors. And the neighbour’s neighbors.

And here’s the neat thing…

Because most guys are CLUELESS when it comes to dirty talk – most women have never experienced really good dirty talk…

Meaning that when you ‘do it right’ – she’s gonna think you’re some kinda ‘Sex God’ who has magical powers over her ability to ORGASM.

And, truth be told…

That’s exactly what you will be…

Cuz expert dirty talk does indeed give you near magical powers over when a woman cums, for how long, and how often.

Yup. It’s that powerful.

Without further ado, let me show you…

The ‘I Own Your [Insert Body Part] Speech’ – and Why Women Can’t Resist It…

Brunette enjoying orgasm

To drive your woman WILD in bed – tell her you OWN her pussy/ass!

The dirty talk example I’m about to share with you is devastatingly effective. Consider it the Ferrari of the ‘dirty talk’ world.

Here’s what you say:

“Baby, I own your pussy/ass. Your pussy/ass belongs to me. Do you understand? Your pussy/ass isn’t yours anymore. I own it. And I’ll use it whenever I like, just to make myself feel good. Do you understand? Your pussy/ass is mine. I own it.”

There’s no doubt about it…

Delivered correctly – in a strong, dominant way – this dirty talk is exceptionally powerful.

And, if it’s powerful when you tell her you Own Her PUSSY – it’s just ridiculous when you tell her you Own Her ASS!

Question is:

“Why does your woman want you to ‘own her’ in the bedroom?”

Well, it all goes back to the fact that women are sexually submissive and they want strong, sexually dominant lovers in the bedroom.

When you tell a woman you OWN her – it’s about as DOMINANT as it gets.

When she knows you’re totally ‘in control’ in the bedroom – willing and eager to take control and lead her – it gives her total permission to be 100% submissive.

And once she’s in a totally submissive state – literally anything is possible.

She can just give in to you, SURRENDER to you, and enjoy the ride.

At this point – she’s ‘high’ as if she were taking drugs – and you can ‘get her off’ over and over again. As many times as you like.

The other thing women LOVE about the ‘I Own Your Pussy/Ass’ speech is that it’s just so freakin’ NAUGHTY.

Women love to be naughty in the bedroom.

Warning: Timing Is Everything…

Of course, you have to use the ‘I Own Your Pussy/Ass’ speech carefully. At the right time.

Use it at the wrong time – and your woman might get OFFENDED. Or she might LAUGH her head off because she doesn’t yet take you seriously.

Here are some general guidelines for using the ‘I Own Your Pussy/Ass’ dirty talk speech for maximum results:

  • Only use it once you have the multiple vaginal orgasms during intercourse working for your woman every time (do it before you have these orgasms working and chances are, she won’t take it seriously)
  • Only use it when things are good outside the bedroom (because, sub-consciously at least, she needs to know you see her as more than just ‘pussy and ass’)
  • Use it when she’s VERY wet and horny, and in an ORAGSMIC state. Imagine ploughing her from behind, giving her orgasm, after orgasm. That is an example of a PERFECT time to deliver this kind of dirty talk. (Because when a woman is in that kind of orgasmic state – riding wave after wave of pleasure – she’ll roll with just about anything you say).

Of course, you can actually send your woman the ‘I Own Your Pussy/Ass’ speech via EMAIL. It can be powerful this way.

But only do it…

  • Soon after you’ve had banging hot sex with her, complete with multiple vaginal orgasms during intercourse (NOTE: This report shows you how to give your woman multiple vaginal orgasms during intercourse)

Hang On Stud! Not So Fast…

Right now, you might be wanting to rush off and figure out when you can use the ‘I Own Your Pussy/Ass’ speech with your woman.

But here’s thing…

To pull it off – you HAVE TO say it dominantly, and with authority. If you are already experienced with dirty talk, and use it every time you ‘get it on’ with your woman, by all means use the ‘I Own Your Pussy/Ass’ speech straight away…

At the next available opportunity.

However, if you are not yet experienced with dirty talk – I advise you to ease yourself into things. Ya know

Walk before you try to run!


I have 2 programs that’ll get you ‘up to speed’ with your dirty talk in double-quick time.

Go through them in this order:

First: Dirty Talk Phrases

Second: Magic Words

Got any comments or questions? Leave ‘em in the section below and I’ll get back to you asap.

Have a great day, and leave your comments/questions in the area below…

Adam Armstrong

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