The Truth Is That You Can Train Any Woman To Have Squirting Orgasms… And When You Do – She’ll Come Harder And More Intensely Than Ever Before. Here’s EXACTLY How You Do It…

Squirting – or ‘female ejaculation’ as it is also referred to – is a wonderful thing.

Seriously – when you give your woman an ORGASM and she squirts it’s truly ‘next level’ stuff. You notice that she cums harder and more intensely than when she doesn’t squirt and that she enjoys the sex even more than usual.

Of course, the more pleasure you give her and the more she enjoys the sex – the more sex she’ll want and the more dirty and adventurous she’ll be willing to get with you. 

Happy days!

Yet the truth is that most women have NEVER had a single squirting orgasm and the percentage of women who regularly ‘squirt’ is absolutely tiny.

So What The Hell Is Going On?

It doesn’t make sense…

If squirting orgasms are so powerful, how come so few women have them?

Allow me to explain…

The two primary reasons why most women have never had a squirting orgasm are:

  • Because most men have no idea how to make them happen


  • Because many women prevent themselves from ejaculating because they think they are going to pee!

So the next question you probably have on your mind is:

“How do I make my woman squirt?”

And that’s a great question.

Here’s your answer…

How To Make Her Ejaculate And Soak The Freakin’ Bed…

The best way to teach your woman to squirt is by stimulating her A-Spot or G-Spot with firm pressure and a ‘come hither’ motion.

Some women will just embrace the experience and ejaculate all over the bed.

However, many women will get very close to the point where they could squirt and they’ll STOP themselves.

The reason why they’ll stop themselves is because they think they are going to PEE. So you can hardly blame them, right?

After all – it’d be highly embarrassing for her to PEE the bed!

Next question:

“How do you help her to overcome her fear of peeing the bed?”

Step Up, Be A MAN And Talk Her Into Squirting…

OK, so you have the ‘come hither’ motion working, she’s enjoying the stimulation – but she gets to a point where she moves your finger out of her vagina and tells you she feels like she’s going to pee.

This is where you have to STEP UP and be the dominant man every woman desires in the bedroom.

Here’s what you do:

You say something like this (in a deep, clear, commanding way):

“Baby, you are not going to pee, you are going to squirt and it is going to feel amazing for you”

Then you carry on stimulating her G-Spot of A-Spot and talk her through the experience. 

Tell her to push the feeling out and keep telling her how good it feels.

Do this right and she’ll become a squirter.

And The Great News Is…

Once you train your woman to ejaculate when she ORGASMS – she won’t forget how.

In other words – getting her to do it the first time may be a challenge, but after that, she’ll do it EVERY time because she’ll realise 2 things:

1. That’s it’s incredibly pleasurable

2. That it’s not pee

You may also find that once you teach your woman to squirt, she can do it without G-Spot or A-Spot stimulation. For example, I’ve met women who could squirt as a result of simple clitoral stimulation. And my friend Rod gives his woman squirting ‘mindgasms’.

He literally uses dirty talk to give her squirting orgasms. No physical stimulation whatsoever.

Now that’s powerful.

Ultimate Orgasm Techniques by Adam Armstrong

In my Ultimate Orgasm Techniques program I’ll teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about female ejaculation and how to give your woman amazing squirting orgasms.

In Ultimate Orgasm Techniques you’ll also discover a huge variety of ways to give your woman clitoral, vaginal and even anal orgasms. If you use the techniques in this program with your woman, the outcome is inevitable – she’ll think of you as a total STUD and she won’t be able to get enough of you ‘in the bedroom’.

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