But Then Her Man Gave Her The Gift Of Vaginal Orgasms and EVERYTHING Changed…

Here’s a letter I received from a reader called Monica (if you’re serious about having BETTER SEX – I recommend you take a minute to read it):

“The physiological response between clitoral and vaginal stimulation are identical. Orgasms are orgasms are orgasms. Can we agree that orgasms are a blessing? Let’s stop caring so much about how we attain them and where we think they’re coming from. Isn’t it enough that we have them to begin with?”

This is a direct quote from an article on a blog called modernmom.com; women giving other women advice and encouraging us to just be happy with being blessed with the ability to have an orgasm. And I am here to tell you that it is complete bullshit!

My marriage, sex life and my overall outlook was in a rut. I felt like my life was missing something.  Although I had clitoral orgasms, sex was lame. I wanted a deeper connection.  

So what happens when women feel this way?

Ask Adam!

He is 100% correct.

Naked blonde womanHow can I be so sure?

I was there! Depression, emptiness, no sex drive, negative thoughts about my spouse, lack of desire to please him in any way,  and eventually thoughts of a new partner. 

Fortunately for me and my husband and simply by a fluke, I found a reference to Adam’s blog.

What did I think?

Well at first, I was like –  great, here is another guy that is going to give other guys some lame information about how to get laid. You know the usual wine and dine her, help with the kids, do nice things for her.

Guess what?  

I had all of that from my husband and I still didn’t want sex. What I didn’t have was GREAT SEX!! I didn’t even realize that I didn’t have it and neither did he. I just thought that I was like all other women who became disinterested in sex.

I thought that after a few years of marriage sex just lost its luster.  Men want it to get off and women comply.  But, I kept an open mind and began reading some of the things Adam had to say. Before long, I was dying to have one of these vaginal orgasms he kept referencing.  I mean, he says they exist but just ask most women and they will tell you otherwise.

What happened next?

I got brave and asked my husband to try it. He was very willing, but to my complete disappointment, it didn’t work. We tried the A-spot method as Adam suggested. It felt amazing, and we tried and tried but I couldn’t get there. It was frustrating. 

I was done and ready to believe that Adam didn’t know what he was talking about. My husband, on the other hand, became even more intrigued. He took some INITIATIVE.

And then…It happened!

OH! MY! GOD! Did it ever happen!

Here’s My Story: 

My day had been really stressful and he offered to give me a massage with “no strings attached”! Hallelujah I thought, because I certainly was not in the “mood”.  As I pondered his offer, he stood up and said ,“no strings attached babe I promise but you have to be in bed and naked. Go do it now!”

I don’t know why but I immediately complied with his order. And to my surprise, my panties were instantly wet.

“What the hell just happened?”, I thought.

But I didn’t argue and he began his massage. Before I knew it my body was completely relaxed and he was lightly brushing the insides of my thighs. With that, and that alone, my body responded in a way it hadn’t in years.

Then I felt his fingers barely brush across my clit and ease inside of me. He began moving his finger in a rhythmic motion over and over.  I am not sure what happened mechanically after that, but a build up like never before was occurring in my body. Before much longer I had the most intense orgasm of my life…

My entire body convulsed and I am pretty sure I momentarily blacked out. Physically I felt sated and, to my surprise, horny as hell.

How I felt both, I can’t even explain. What I can explain is the monumental change that took place emotionally in my brain. And it happened immediately after our session that night.

And this guys, is what you want to hear.

Hot brunette with legs openAt that moment I would have done ANYTHING to PLEASE my husband.

I wanted to please him. I couldn’t wait to please him. What was even more surprising was that it carried over into the next day and the next.

My body began to respond to him when he walked by me, I craved to have his hands on me, thoughts of naughty sex and sexy outfits to please him filtered through my mind. 

I had sexual dreams about HIM!  My sex drive went into overdrive!

All of this after only ONE vaginal orgasm! For the first time in years or maybe ever I was near begging for sex. As Adam puts it, I became addicted to the man who gave me that first vaginal orgasm. Luckily, he is already my husband. Otherwise, I might have held him hostage.

I know that this is just the beginning of our journey to a fulfilling sex life. My husband and I have so much to learn. And you want to know what is so cool?

I am beyond excited to explore this world with HIM! Not a movie star, not a fictional book character, not a professional athlete, but HIM!

So, are orgasms of all origin just orgasms like the quote earlier suggest? Absolutely not! Hell no! Not even close! Sexually, I have been taken to the other side and I plan to stay!

 My Comments…

Monica confirms what I have been saying for a very long time…

Firstly, that when a woman experiences only clitoral orgasms – she will not be SATISFIED in the bedroom and eventually her sex drive and attraction for her man will decline.

Secondly, that women find it a ‘turn on’ when men show INITIATIVE and TAKE CONTROL in the bedroom. Notice that when Monica’s man acted dominantly and told her to “get naked” so he could give her a massage – she felt compelled to do EXACTLY as he said.

Woman licking lollipopThirdly, that when you – as a MAN – give your woman the gift of vaginal orgasms, EVERYTHING CHANGES.

Notice how Monica says she felt incredibly satisfied after the vaginal orgasm…

…Yet still ‘horny as hell.’

Also notice how her desire to please HER man (and not any other man) – went through the roof.

Some Cold, Hard Facts…

I’ll cut straight to the point…

  • If you are only giving your woman clitoral orgasms – or no orgasms whatsoever – you aren’t satisfying her and her desire to have sex with you will decrease. Worse still, she might think about CHEATING on you
  • To all those well-meaning, yet totally miss-guided ‘sex experts’ out there who still claim that vaginal orgasms don’t exist, I have this to say: STOP IT! Seriously – just stop it. Go find another job because you are not helping anybody, regardless of how many fancy initials you have after or before your name.
  • Once you get the vaginal orgasms working for your woman, you’ll notice a myriad of benefits, including: increased sex drive, an increased desire to please you and a better relationship OUTSIDE of the bedroom. Bottom line? You’ll essentially ‘cheat-proof’ your relationship

So are you ready to jump on the ‘vaginal orgasm band-wagon’ and start giving your woman REAL sex?

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