Your Woman Might Not Tell You – But She Wants You To Restrain Her During Sex… Here Are 10 Of The Best Ways To Do It…

Hopefully you already know that you need to be sexually dominant if you want to give your woman great sex.

Being sexually dominant means that you’re the one who TAKES CONTROL and leads your woman in the bedroom. You don’t wait for her to ‘call the shots.’ Hint: she doesn’t want to!

Today, I want to talk to you about one way you can show you woman that you are a sexually dominant lover.

The technique I’m going to share with you can be used in literally thousands of ways. I’m going to give you 10 to get you started – so that you can start having even better sex with your woman TONIGHT…

Why Women Like To Be Restrained During Sex…

Girl in handcuffsThe technique I’m going to talk to you about is restraining your woman during sex…

When I say ‘restraining your woman during sex’ I simply mean – using parts of your body to hold her down or stop her moving as freely as she normally could. At a higher level, you can use certain toys and implements to restrain her.

I’ll give you examples of both in just a second.

But first, let’s quickly answer the question:

“Why do women like to be restrained during sex?”

The answer to that question is because:

It lets women know that they’re in bed with a dominant lover and this allows them to ‘let go’ and fully surrender to him. The result of ‘letting go’ and surrendering? Easier orgasms and MORE PLEASURE.

And you know what that means, right?


It means she’ll want to ‘get it on’ with you more often and she’ll be very willing to PLEASE YOU.

And by the way…

I’m yet to meet a single woman who didn’t like to be RESTRAINED during sex in some way. Seriously. Not a single one.

Let’s get into the techniques…

The Techniques – 10 Ways To Restrain Her During Sex…

1. Pin Her Arms Down Above Her Head

OK. So this one’s pretty ‘vanilla.’

Simply pin her arms down above her head when you’re ‘doing it’ in the missionary position.

2. Pin Her Shoulders Down

Use your hands to pin her shoulders down.

You can do this in the missionary position OR when she’s lying flat on her front and your entering her ‘from behind.’

WARNING: Be very careful with this one because she may not be able to take your weight. If she can’t – no big deal. There are plenty more ways to restrain her…

3. Take One Of Her Arms Behind Her Back

When you’re doing her doggy-style, grab one of her arms and hold it behind her back. You can hold her hand or her forearm.

4. Hold Both Of Her Arms Behind Her Back

This one is a little extreme – but it will make her feel VERY DOMINATED.

When you’re doing her doggy-style, take her right hand and hold it in your right hand. Then take her left hand and hold it in your left hand. Now you are holding her up by her hands and she really can’t go anywhere.

TIP: you might want to have a ‘safe word’ if you use this restraining technique

5. Hold Her Shoulders

A somewhat less extreme version of #4 and another great way to restrain her when doing her in the doggy-style sex position.

Simply hold onto her shoulders.

This will really give her the feeling that YOU are IN CHARGE and it allows you to pull back on her shoulders as you thrust inside her.

6. Handcuffs

Go to an adult toy store and grab a pair of handcuffs. They’re cheap and provide you with another way to restrain your woman during sex.

7. Cable ties

Much more ‘real’ than handcuffs from an adult toy store. Only use cable ties (zip ties) if you’re SERIOUS… you have to cut these babies off!

With that thought in mind, never put them on so tight that you won’t have room to cut them off.

One of my favourite cable tie technique is to use 3 cable ties to make a pair of handcuffs. Secure one tie round each of her wrists and use the 3rd tie to secure the other 2 together.

Very simple. Very effective.

She ain’t going anywhere 😉

8. Rope

Most adult toy stores will sell some kind of rope that you can use to tie your woman up. It takes more time to set up, but it can be good fun.

For example, you can use the rope to tie her ankles together. Then you can flip her onto her front, stick a pillow under her belly and do her from behind.

Pretty sexy. And she’ll LOVE it.

9. Put Her Legs Over Your Shoulders

Assuming she’s flexible enough, this is a great technique in so many ways. Start off in the missionary position and then put both her legs over your shoulders.

This will really let her feel your weight on top of her.

It’ll make her vagina feel very TIGHT.

It’ll make your penis feel just about as big as it’s ever going to feel for her.

She’ll know you’re totally in control.

Assuming she’s flexible – give it a try.

10. Mental Restraining

Now this is a little different, but in some ways it’s the most powerful technique of all.

You simply put her in a posture and tell her that she must not move under any circumstances. If she truly respects you – she will OBEY you.

One example could be when you’re doing her doggy-style.


“Baby, put your head down and then spread your ass cheeks for me”

She’ll do as she’s told – giving you a great view and making her feel very exposed.

Then say:

“Under no circumstances are you to move an inch. Keep those ass cheeks spread for me”

Then do your thing…

Ride her HARD and DEEP and of course – be sure to give her those multiple orgasms during intercourse. Do that and she’ll love every second of it.

To learn more about how to give your woman mind-blowing pleasure during sex, click here


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