Here’s A Huge Mistake Most Guys Make In Bed… Why It’s A Total Disaster That Leads To Lame Sex – and How To Avoid It…

Let’s be real… it’s pretty difficult for me to say exactly what the ‘#1 mistake’ is that guys make in bed because there are SO MANY huge mistakes that most guys make.

However, if someone held a gun to my head and said:

“Adam, tell me what the #1 mistake is that guys make in bed and tell me how to avoid it”

Here’s what I’d say to get the guy with the gun off my case…

The #1 mistake that MOST guys are making in bed with their women is failing to TAKE CONTROL…

Not being sexually dominant…

Not acting like the boss in the bedroom…

When a guy fails to act like the BOSS in the bedroom, nothing else will work… his dirty talk won’t be very effective, she won’t take him seriously and he will struggle to ‘get her off.’

And, as you probably know, that last point is the KISS OF DEATH… because when a guy constantly struggles and fails to ‘get his woman off’ – when he can’t make her ORGASM – she’s gonna stop wanting sex sooner or later…

And then she might go looking for it elsewhere.

It’s The Key To Great Sex…

She's having great sexTaking control and leading your woman…

Being sexually dominant

Owning her like a BOSS in the bedroom is the key to great sex because it allows her to be the sexually SUBMISSIVE woman she secretly wants to be.

And when you allow your woman’s submissive side to come out, she finds it easy to let go and surrender to you…

She finds it easy to do as she’s told and obey your commands…

She finds it easy to ORGASM and experience pleasure.

In contrast, when a man acts like a WIMP in the bedroom and expects his woman to ‘call the shots’ – she feels uneasy… she feels like she’s being expected to do something that she’s not really designed to do.

And the result is lousy sex.

To be clear…

When you take control and act like the BOSS:

  • She can be her naturally sexually submissive self
  • She’ll take you seriously and feel like she’s in bed with a REAL MAN
  • She’ll enjoy your dirty talk. In fact, your every word will give her incredible pleasure
  • She’ll be able to ‘let go’ and surrender to you
  • She’ll find it easy to have MULTIPLE ORGASMS every time

The Big Question Is…

Why do most men find it so difficult to be SEXUALLY DOMINANT?

Well, for starters – I don’t think most men realize that they need to be sexually dominant in order to give their women REALLY GOOD sex.

Secondly, many men have low testosterone levels these days and when you have Low T, it’s a proven fact that acting in a sexually dominant way becomes difficult. When your T Levels are at a decent level, you tend to find that you NATURALLY want to dominate your woman.

Thirdly, we’ve been conditioned by society to believe things like:

  • It’s wrong to tell a woman what to do
  • You must always ask a woman’s permission before doing anything sexual
  • You must never hit a woman
  • Women are fragile and weak and you cannot ever be rough with them
  • You must never swear in front of women

Can you see how these things might screw up a guy’s chances of being a good lover?

You see, what goes on INSIDE the bedroom and what goes on OUTSIDE the bedroom are two very different things. And many people have got themselves all confused thinking that the two are the same.

They are not.

Look back at the list of bullet points I just shared with you. Those bullets are a fine reference guide for how to treat a woman OUTSIDE of the bedroom. But if you take those same ideas and apply them INSIDE the bedroom – you will give your woman the kind of tepid love-making that guys all over the World are boring their women to death with.

Inside The Bedroom You Need To Do The Opposite Of What You’ve Been Told…

Inside the bedroom you need to…

  • TELL YOUR WOMAN WHAT TO DO. She wants you to do this because she is sexually submissive
  • Do what you want without asking her permission. Asking her permission is a massive sign of weakness in the bedroom and a huge ‘turn off’ for women
  • Be a little rough with her. Spank her. Hold her down. Show her you’re the BOSS
  • Use ‘adult words’ and swear words. Inside the bedroom she wants you to use words like ‘fuck, cock and pussy’ when you talk dirty to her

Kinda breaks all the rules we’ve been taught about how to treat women, right?

But it’s what is required to totally blow your woman’s mind IN THE BEDROOM.

To give your woman great sex – you simply have to take control and lead her. You have to sexually dominate her. Fail to do this and you’re making (probably) the #1 mistake a man can make in the bedroom.

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