Learn The Truth About Spanking, Why Women Love It And How To Do It The Right Way…

Women love SPANKING.

That’s a FACT.

I’m yet to meet a single woman who didn’t enjoy some kind of spanking during sex.

The problem is…

Many guys aren’t very good at it.

The goal of this blog post is to tell you EXACTLY what you need to know about spanking – so that you can introduce it into the ‘sex sessions’ you share with your woman.

Get it right and she’ll enjoy it, you’ll enjoy it and you’ll both be happier IN THE BEDROOM…

Let’s get into it…

Why She Wants You To Spank Her…

There are many reasons why your woman would almost certainly LOVE IT if you spanked her during sex.

Here are just a few:

  • It makes her feel like you are IN CONTROL and dominating her. This is a powerful – and exciting – feeling for her because women are sexually submissive
  • It makes her feel NAUGHTY. This is good because women love ‘naughty sex’
  • It makes her feel like your ‘bad girl’. This will turn her on because every woman wants to feel like her man’s ‘bad girl’ in the bedroom

Mistakes Most Men Make When Spanking Their Women…

There are 3 major mistakes most men make when they try to spank their women during sex:

  • Not doing it
  • Doing it too softly
  • Dong it too hard

Many men make the first mistake (not doing it) because they have been brought up to believe that ‘it’s wrong to hit women’.

And that’s true – OUTSIDE the bedroom.

Any man who hits/slaps his woman outside the bedroom is showing a lack of communication skills, inability to control his temper and a host of other personality and behavioural defects.

Men who hit women outside the bedroom are LOSERS. Period.

But INSIDE the bedroom things change…

Your woman wants you to SPANK her (a form of hitting) because it will make the sex more interesting and exciting for her.

The key is to DO IT RIGHT.

To not do it too softly (mistake #2 in the list above).


To not do it too hard (mistake #3 in the list above)

Too soft is bad because:

  • It makes you look weak
  • It won’t turn her on

Too hard is bad because:

  • You might really HURT her (never a good thing)

How To Spank Her Like A Real Man…

Girl with round butt

Spanking your woman the right way isn’t really that difficult.

Here are some tips to help you out:

  • Aim for the area where her ass cheeks meet her upper thigh
  • Use your open hand
  • Aim to make a nice slapping noise
  • Start gently and increase the force of the slaps until you get the nice slapping noise (DO NOT start hard)

When To Use Spanking…

There are many instances when you can use spanking.

I regularly pull my girlfriend over my knee, pull her panties down to her knees and spank her to ORGASM. But this is advanced and probably not where you should start.

The simplest place to use spanking is when ‘doing it’ in the DOGGY-STYLE sex position.

Just give her a few slaps on the ass, aim to get that nice ‘slapping’ noise and she’ll love it!

To take things to the next level…

  • Grab her hair in one hand and spank her with your other hand, whilst doing her ‘from behind’ (she’ll feel totally dominated)
  • Talk dirty to her as you fuck her, grab her hair and spank her (she’ll get so HORNY and cum so HARD you won’t believe it)

Slap That Ass!

Woman holding her ass

So there you have it…

A short guide to spanking.

It isn’t difficult to do and she’ll enjoy it greatly.


  • She wants to be spanked because it makes her feel ‘naughty’ and dominated
  • It’s OK to spank her during sex – it doesn’t make you a bad person. Guys who hit/slap women outside the bedroom are LOSERS

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