Pretty Much All Any Woman Wants In The Bedroom Is A Dominant Lover – A Man Who Can Fuck Her Like A Boss… Here’s How To Become That Man…

The more time I spend helping men to become lovers, the more it makes me realize how clueless most guys are.

Without a doubt, the one nugget of wisdom… the one FACT about ‘women and sex’ that most guys don’t get is that…

Women are sexually submissive.

Without that knowledge, you’re doomed to FAILURE in the bedroom.

But once you know it, understand it and truly embrace it – everything becomes a lot clearer and pleasing your woman becomes remarkably simple and incredibly enjoyable.

You Must Get Comfortable With Being Dominant…

One problem many men face once they’ve come to the realization that women are sexually submissive is that they don’t feel comfortable with the idea of being DOMINANT.

For some reason – it just doesn’t come naturally to most men.

But dominance makes women hot, WET and horny – that is for sure.

And all dominance really means is that you’re the one who ‘steps up’ and makes things happen in the bedroom…


You lead her…

You fuck her like a BOSS!

Becoming A Boss In Bed…

To become a truly dominant lover, there are some things you must commit to NEVER doing in the bedroom. Here’s a list:

  • Asking for sex (this is just lame)
  • Doing household chores ‘in exchange for sex’ (this turns you into ‘home help,’ not a lover)
  • Buying gifts in the hope that your woman will give you sex in return (this just makes her see you as a bank account)
  • Moaning, getting frustrated and generally acting like a bitch when your woman doesn’t want sex (this leaves her thinking ‘he only wants me for sex’ and makes her even less likely to want sex)
  • Asking her if she had an orgasm (this makes her think you’re clueless)

Do any of those things and your woman’s attraction for you will decrease.

Guy taking control of his girl

To fuck your woman like a boss, you have to act DOMINANTLY. Do things like this and you’ll notice an instant improvement in the way your woman responds to you in the bedroom:

  • Be the one who INSTIGATES the sex is a manly way – don’t ask for it, just take her by the hand and lead her to the bedroom
  • Use dominant dirty talk
  • Make the sex different in some way on every occasion that you ‘do it’
  • Make the sex ‘naughty’ – spanking her, restraining her and touching her ass are three examples of how to make the sex ‘naughty’ (I could give you a thousand more)
  • Give her MULTIPLE orgasms every time – this one is non-negotiable… you simply HAVE TO find a way to make them happen

Do those things and your woman will think of you as her BOSS in the BEDROOM and she will want to have sex with you on a very regular basis.

Even better – she’ll want to please you and SATISFY you in pretty much any way you desire.

It Starts Outside The Bedroom…

Before you rush off to throw your woman over your shoulder, carry her to the bedroom and ravage her like the naughty little girl she desires to be for you in the bedroom, consider this…

In order for your woman to take you seriously as a dominant lover – she must take you seriously OUTSIDE the bedroom.

If you act like a wimp outside the bedroom and then go all dominant inside it – she won’t buy it.

So how do you show her that you’re a dominant, leading man outside of the bedroom?

Well, it’s much more subtle than the way you do it inside the bedroom, that’s for sure. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Have one date night a week and be the one who plans it and ‘makes it happen’
  • Open the car door for your woman before she gets in… walk on the part of the sidewalk nearest the traffic… order for her in restaurants… basically, be a chivalrous gentleman
  • When you go out with your guy friends, be the one who calls the shots and if possible – let your woman see you do this
  • Be driven, ambitious and passionate in your line of work… women freakin’ love PASSIONATE men. If you’re passionate, driven and ambitious OUTSIDE the bedroom, it subtly tells her that you may very well be this way INSIDE the bedroom as well

Listen. If you’re serious about becoming a DOMINANT lover and fucking your woman like the BADASS BOSS she so desperately wants you to be…

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