In Your Quest To Become A Better Lover – The Kind Of Guy Who Can Totally SATISFY His Woman In Bed – Here’s The Most Important Thing You Need To Do…

New techniques and new sex positions.

That’s what most guys ask me about when they start trying to become BETTER IN BED.

And that’s OK.

Certain sex techniques – such as the A-Spot Method – have a ton of power. And knowing various different sexual positions in good because it allows you to make the sex different every time.


Techniques and sex positions are a long way down the list of things you need to do if you want to become a BETTER LOVER.

You see, the truth is that it’s WAY MORE IMPORTANT to learn how to be sexually dominant and to learn how to talk dirty, than it is to learn any specific fingering or thrusting technique or some crazy sexual position where you try to make your woman look like a Russian Gymnast.

However, there is something that you need to do (if you want to become a much better lover) that’s even more important that learning to become sexually dominant or mastering the art of dirty talk

It’s the first step towards becoming a better lover…

Taking An Honest Look At Your Sexual Beliefs…

Your sexual beliefs are like the foundations of a house… they need to be rock-solid and supportive.


If your sexual beliefs SUCK – you will struggle to become a great lover, no matter how much you learn about dominance, dirty talk, techniques, positions and so on.

What I can tell you is this…

Most men have really LOUSY sexual beliefs.

And it’s these lousy sexual beliefs that hold them back – that prevent them from becoming the kind of guy they want to be in the bedroom.

Here are 7 of the worst sexual beliefs that MANY men have:

  • ‘Size’ matters
  • If you last a long time you will satisfy any woman
  • It’s difficult to give women orgasms
  • The only way to give a woman an orgasm is through clitoral stimulation
  • As men, we must do things in exchange for sex
  • Women don’t really want sex, they just give in if we pester them enough
  • Women are only good for one thing – sex

Guys Who Have Beliefs Like That Are Doomed To Failure!

Woman licking lips on bed

Take a look at that list of very common, very negative sexual beliefs.

Can you see why believing things like that would prevent you from becoming a great lover?

For instance:

  • If you believe that ‘size’ matters – you’ll always feel inadequate if you are small or average and you’ll probably be LAZY and COMPLACENT if you are big
  • If you believe that all you have to do is last a long time to satisfy a woman in bed, you’ll probably bore women to death during sex because you’ll fail to learn what women really want… dominance, dirty talk and orgasms
  • If you believe that it’s difficult to give women orgasms – that will be YOUR REALITY

Can you see how destructive these beliefs are?

Yet most guys have lousy beliefs and they try to learn new sexual skills (like dominance, dirty talk and specific orgasm techniques) BEFORE they fix their lousy sexual beliefs.

To do this is like trying to build an awesome house on shaky foundations… you might have a little short-term success, but everything will fall apart and crumble in the long-term.

What Truly Great Lovers Believe About Women and Sex…

OK. So you’ve seen the BAD – now let’s take a look at the GOOD.

Obviously every man is different and has his own unique views about women and sex. Yet, I can safe for certain that EVERY great male lover has beliefs similar to the following 7:

  • It’s EASY to satisfy women and give them countless orgasms
  • If I truly please my woman in bed – she’ll give me pretty much everything and anything I could ever desire in return
  • To keep my woman’s sex drive sky-high, all I have to do is treat her well OUTSIDE the bedroom and give her INCREDIBLE sexual pleasure when we ‘get it on’
  • To give women pleasure is my greatest pleasure
  • It’s my role – as the man – to TAKE CONTROL and lead my woman in the bedroom
  • Giving my woman pleasure is as much about what I do to the organ between her ears, as it is what I do to the one between her legs. And therefore – women love dirty talk
  • I never think I know it all – instead, I keep on learning about this subject called ‘women and sex’

Can you see how powerful those beliefs are?

For instance:

  • If you truly believe that it’s EASY to give women COUNTLESS ORGASMS – you will find a way to make that your reality
  • If you are modest enough to believe that you don’t ‘know it all’ and that you can always learn more about ‘women and sex’ – you’ll be CONFIDENT without being an arrogant jerk (NOTE: good women love confident men, but they aren’t too fond of arrogant jerks – at least not in the long-run)
  • If you believe that it’s your GREATEST PLEASURE to give women PLEASURE – you’ll do everything in your power to keep her satisfied and you’ll be very successful in doing so

Here’s The Truth…

Your sexual beliefs help to shape EVERY interaction you have with women – particularly those that happen in the bedroom.

Most people don’t want to talk about beliefs because it’s kinda painful if they realize they have some LOUSY beliefs.

But to avoid the issue is a BIG MISTAKE because with lousy beliefs – you can’t be a GREAT lover. Period.

Listen. In my eBook Better In Bed I have an entire section devoted to SEXUAL BELIEFS and there’s a very simple exercise that I’ll share with you that’ll help you ‘fix’ any ‘not-so-good’ beliefs you have and help you to create a set of sexual beliefs so powerful – your success in the bedroom is virtually guaranteed.

Better In Bed by Adam Armstrong

And in Better In Bed I’ll also teach you about sexual dominance, dirty talk and specific techniques for giving her both clitoral and vaginal ORGASMS.

If you’re serious about becoming a better lover – you’re gonna love it.

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