Here’s The Truth About Whether Or Not Women Like To Do ‘Really Naughty’ Stuff In Bed… The Reality May Surprise You…

A couple of days ago I had a conversation with a female friend of mine where she was telling me about this great new guy she’d recently met. And the primary reason why she thinks he’s GREAT is because he knows what he’s doing IN BED.

She doesn’t know if he’s a ‘keeper’, but she’s certainly enjoying the wild sexual adventures he’s taking her on…

And he makes a nice change to the previous few men my friend had dated who, in her words:

“…were really nice, but useless in bed.”

What’s interesting is that she was telling me about some of the stuff she was doing to HIM during sex and she said it was really weird because it was just so DIRTY, that afterwards – when she was thinking about the experiences – she just couldn’t believe she’d done some of the things she had…

Yet – at the time – she couldn’t help herself and it felt like the most NATURAL thing in the world.

So what’s the lesson here?

Read on and I’ll explain…

Something Important Happens
When You Give Her Pleasure…

Hot brunette in black and white braThere’s an old (and rather pathetic) joke that goes like this:

“Why do women smile when they walk down the aisle to get married?”

“Because they know they’ve given their last blow job”

This jokes highlights how we live in a society where men think they have to WIN sex from women and many women have sex just to COMPLY– or to shut him up after he’s nagged her to death.

What is true is that most women dislike ‘giving head’ and have little desire to PLEASE THEIR MEN because their men are HOPELESS in bed.

Seriously – if all you do is give your woman a single CLITORAL orgasm during sex (or no orgasms at all), don’t expect her to go out of her way to please you. Because she won’t.

Heck, fail to ‘get her off’ or only give her a single clitoral orgasm for long enough and her sexual desire might disappear completely. For proof, check out Monica’s story by clicking here

However, when you do give your woman INCREDIBLE sexual pleasure – including vaginal orgasms – every time you have sex… something important happens…

Her desire to PLEASE YOU comes to life and she turns into your ‘naughty little girl.’

And the more pleasure you give her – the more she wants to give back.

Do Things In A Sensible Order Or Else
You’re Doomed To Failure…

Naughty nurseWhen I first met my current girlfriend she had – like most women – only ever experienced clitoral orgasms.

Naturally, I set out to teach her what her body was REALLY capable of when it came to sexual pleasure.

First off, I taught her to have vaginal orgasms via fingering techniques.

This definitely brought out her ‘wild side’ and her desire to give me pleasure certainly INCREASED.

But it was nothing compared to what happened when I got the vaginal orgasms during intercourse working, then the anal orgasms, then the nipple orgasms, lip orgasms, spanking orgasms and ‘mindgasms.’

With each new type of orgasm it was like I liberated her a little more and allowed an even naughtier version of herself to come out to play.

Indeed, these days there is pretty much nothing she wouldn’t do for me in bed. The reason why? Because I give her incredible sexual pleasure each and every time I have sex with her.

With all that said – if you’re in a position where you only give your woman clitoral orgasms, do not even think about anal orgasms, ‘mindgasms’, or any other ADVANCED type of orgasm.

You need to get things going in a sensible order and that means starting off by getting the VAGINAL orgasms working using your fingers and then during intercourse.

Do that and your woman will start to fulfil pretty much all your sexual desires.

To Answer The Original Question…

So the answer to the question – “How does she feel about doing REALLY naughty stuff in bed?” – is as follows…


If you’re failing to ‘get her off’ or you’re only giving her a single clitoral orgasm during sex, her desire to do REALLY NAUGHTY stuff with you will be poor at best. Heck, even relatively obvious stuff like ‘giving you head’ will not be high on her priority list.


Once you get those vaginal orgasms working for her – EVERYTHING will change. Period.

You’ll notice her desire to please you will sky-rocket and her willingness and eagerness to do really naughty stuff in bed will increase beyond what you ever thought possible…

So it’s your call.

If you’re serious about getting your woman to be really naughty for you in the bedroom – grab a copy of my Ultimate Orgasm Techniques program.

In that program I’ll teach you exactly how to give your woman:

  • Vaginal orgasms using your fingers
  • Vaginal orgasms during intercourse
  • Multiple orgasms
  • Squirting orgasms
  • Anal orgasms
  • Clitoral orgasms

And one thing is for sure…

When you do all that… she won’t be able to stop herself doing ‘really naughty’ stuff in bed with you. And that’s a FACT.

Ultimate Orgasm Techniques

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