Imagine Getting A Blow Job From Your Woman And Giving Her Multiple Vaginal Orgasms At The Same Time – Here’s How It’s Done…

For many men, sex feels like a really big deal and a bit of a challenge…

They worry about ‘keeping it up’ for long enough to SATISFY their women…

They worry about stimulating her clitoris EXACTLY the right way so that they give her an orgasm

They worry about whether or not she’s enjoying it…

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

It can, in fact, be remarkably EASY to sexually SATISFY your woman, give her endless pleasure and enjoy sex the way it should be.

But don’t just take my word for it.

See what one reader of Better In Bed, Barry, says about giving his woman multiple vaginal orgasms as she ‘sucks him off!’…

Over to Barry…

He Gives Her Multiple Vaginal Orgasms Whilst She
‘Sucks Him Off’…

Barry’s Email…

Hey Adam, I’ve made a breakthrough with the vaginal orgasms. My sexual relationship with my wife is pretty good, but while I could count on one hand the occasions she’s not had an orgasm when making love with me, it’s mostly been a single clitoral orgasm.

She’s been happy with that as they are often pretty intense, but I knew it was possible to give her more and I’ve been trying to get the vaginal orgasms started, without success, until recently…

In the last year or two our relationship has been marked by quite lengthy periods of separation because of work. That’s not been great but the relationship has survived and a positive element is that absence does make the heart grow fonder, especially on the sexual front.

During a few days away together, immediately following our most recent re-union, we’d gone back to bed after a leisurely hotel breakfast. I’d told her over breakfast that I’d give her a massage later (which she loves), so she stripped off and lay on the bed and I got the massage oil out.

I’m good at massage and she really enjoys it: purrs as I do her shoulders and back; thoroughly, using fingers and hands and elbows on her back to give her the pressure she enjoys.

Then her hands and her feet.

This is 20 minutes of indulgence and total relaxation for her. I enjoy it too as she’s gorgeous and I love her and it’s quite something to see how much she enjoys it!

By this time her legs were parted so I could do her thighs, alternating light strokes of the inside of her thighs with excursions to her back and also strongly kneading and separating her gorgeous bum cheeks, then occasionally brushing her pussy lips and moving elsewhere.

You get the picture I’m sure!

When she starts to lift her backside and pussy towards me, of course it’s play-time.

On this occasion I used some more oil and caressed her whole vulva area and then slipped a finger inside her and after some strokes back and forth, I started to rub her G spot.

At the same time I started talking dirty to her (as you so often suggest) and I’m asking her where she’d like me to penetrate her; where she’d like my drop my load and so on.

Her answer?


So I then had one finger in her anus, stroking her there and two fingers stroking her pussy. I told her I wanted to fuck her mouth so we turned around; she grabbed my cock and started to give me an enthusiastic blow- job.

I actually remembered what you’d written about this with regards to your girlfriend, so I reached out and put my index and middle fingers in her pussy and did the two-finger come-hither pressure motion, not of her G-spot but deep on the front wall of her vagina.

Two or three minutes later; BOOM!

She had an intense vaginal orgasm, the contractions of which shot my hand out of her vagina. It lasted for maybe 10 seconds. She was breathless and amazed as I’d not touched her clitoris and until she came my cock was in her mouth…

It was very cool!

She was almost overcome by it and so we cuddled until we both fell asleep for a while. Then we woke up and started again….

The point is, (as I told her as we talked later), that she now knows I can give her an intense vaginal orgasm with my fingers; two, three, four or more, and then enter whatever hole we feel like and I give her the good fucking she also enjoys.

I know you’re a big exponent of dirty talk and this works well when she’s excited. I tell her what to do and she seems to really get off on that.

As Leonardo Di Caprio says as Howard Hughes in movie ‘The Aviator’:

“It’s the way to the future” in our lovemaking. A breakthrough!

Thanks Adam,


What Did Barry Do Right and How Can You Copy Him?

Attractive couple

The answer is that Barry did pretty much EVERYTHING right!

He TOOK CONTROL of the situation by telling his wife that he was going to give her a MASSAGE.

Remember – women LOVE IT when you take control and lead them in the bedroom.

He then selflessly took his time giving her a massage for 20 minutes. In effect, this was the FOREPLAY so many women crave, yet so few men actually take the time to do.

Notice as well that Barry made the massage very ‘naughty’ – he parted her ass cheeks and rubbed his hands gently against her vulva during the massage.

Then, when the time was right – when he knew she was HORNY as hell – he took control once again and told her he wanted a BLOW JOB.

Because he clearly treats her well – she naturally did as she was told.

He then talked dirty to her and used the ‘come hither’ motion on her vagina as deeply along the front wall as he could. This technique is the A-spot method, which I describe in great detail in my Ultimate Orgasm Techniques program.

This stimulation of the FRONT WALL of her vagina, combined with a man-sized dose of dirty talk is what led to the powerful vaginal orgasms.

And it only took 2 to 3 minutes to make it happen.

So much for rubbing the clitoris for 30 minutes or more just to make 1 clitoral orgasm happen! How BORING.

Barry proves what I’ve been saying for a long time – that it’s possible to make your woman cum over and over again, and in a very short period of time, once you get those VAGINAL ORGASMS working.

Here’s The Bottom Line…

If you want to transform your sex life and get the vaginal orgasms working for your woman – like Barry did for his – there are really 3 things you need to do:

  • Take control and lead her (be the boss)
  • Talk dirty
  • Use the correct sexual techniques

And truthfully – it isn’t difficult to do those 3 things, once you know how.

Better In Bed by Adam Armstrong

To learn more about taking control, dirty talk and powerful sexual techniques you can use to give your woman vaginal orgasms, grab a copy of my book Better In Bed by clicking here. It has the power to change your sex life for the better, FOREVER. Period.


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