Some Women Think The Size Of A Man’s Penis Matters – Others Don’t. What’s The Truth? Read On And You’ll Find Out…

Penis size is debated endlessly.

Is bigger better?

Does it matter?

Is there a perfect size for every woman?

The questions go on and on.

Most of the people asking them are clueless. Same goes for the people answering them.

In this blog post I will share the truth about MALE SIZE with you. Not my opinion, or what ‘I think’ to be true – but the whole truth, the full truth and nothing but the truth.



Let’s go…

My Friend With A Tiny Cock…

Kissing couple

One of my best male friends has a tiny cock.

How do I know this to be true?

Because he’d often make self-deprecating comments about it. I found this pretty sad because he basically thought that because he had a tiny cock – he couldn’t SATISFY a woman in bed.

I set out to change his version of reality because I knew it was seriously skewed.

I taught him a few truths that most men will never know:

  • I told him first and foremost that women want a dominant lover who takes control and leads them in the bedroom.
  •  I told him that DIRTY TALK is essential because women need mental stimulation during sex and not just physical
  • Then I taught him a few little known, yet devastatingly powerful sexual techniques

Can you guess what happened?

I’ll tell you…

Armed with his very small erection AND the new techniques I taught him – he literally went on a rampage. EVERY time I spoke to him he was with another girl. And he couldn’t get rid of them.

They all became very quickly ADDICTED to him in the bedroom.

This didn’t surprise me because he’s a very good guy who just had a hang up about his penis size. So I knew that once he ‘got over it’ and learned to do the things that women really WANT in the bedroom – he could become a great lover in spite of the fact that’s he not hung like a horse (or even a regular man for that matter).

He told me stories about giving women their first VAGINAL orgasms…

Giving them orgasm during intercourse…

Giving them multiple orgasms…

Giving them squirting orgasms

I just listened and knowingly nodded. Like I said – it didn’t surprise me, even though it certainly surprised him.

He Had 10 Inches But She Dumped Him Anyway…

Woman holding big ripped guy

In contrast, I have a female friend who is a bombshell. She’s hot, sexy and can have any man she wants.

And not too long ago she found what she thought was “Mr Right”

He was tall, athletic, extremely good looking and he had 10 inches. “YES” – 10.

But then one day she was talking to me and she was telling me how BAD the sex was…

She said he wasn’t dominant.

She said he didn’t really talk dirty.

She said he did the same things over and over again and it made it boring.

She said he told her to “keep quiet” when she came, because he didn’t want to “wake the neighbours”

I thought this was pretty pathetic and so did she. So she dumped him.

Big Or Small – It Really Doesn’t Matter…

Happy coupleNot for one second am I saying that small is better than big. Really – I don’t think it makes the slightest difference IF the guy knows what he’s doing.

If he doesn’t – then a bigger penis will always feel a bit better because it’ll provide a bit more friction during intercourse.

Although with that said – too BIG can definitely be a problem. And you’ll learn this the hard way if you find a guy who is too big for you.

But the bottom line is that many men define themselves by their cock size…

If they’re small or average they often feel inadequate.

And if they’re large – they often get too confident and become lazy.

The truth is that if you – as a woman – find a man who does the following things for you during sex, you will have INCREDIBLE SEX, regardless of his penis size:

  • Takes control and leads you in the bedroom
  • Talks dirty to you during sex
  • Makes the sex different, fresh and exciting every time
  • Makes it a little ‘naughty’
  • Gives you multiple orgasms EVERY time

And seriously – that last point is the BIG ONE.

After all – which would you rather…

A guy with a big dick who can’t ‘get you off’…

Or a guy with a smaller dick who knows how to ‘get you off’ over and over again.

The answer is so obvious is ridiculous.

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