Here Are 3 Simple, Yet Incredibly Powerful Words That You Can Use To ‘Send Your Woman Over The Edge’ And Make Her Orgasm, Whilst You Talk Dirty To Her During Sex…

Guys often get really confused when it comes to DIRTY TALK.

They ask me WHAT they should say, WHEN they should say it and HOW they should say it. Truthfully – most guys are just plain clueless when it comes to dirty talk.

One of the best pieces of advice I can give you when it comes to dirty talk is to keep it SIMPLE.


The simpler the better.

The reason why I say ‘simple is better’ is because simple dirty talk is EASY for your woman to understand. After all – you don’t want to confuse her with complicated dirty talk phrases because that’ll break her state and more than likely DECREASE her sexual pleasure…

The exact opposite of what you want!

Successful dirty talk isn’t about swearing, degrading your woman or any of the other miss-guided things that many guys associate with dirty talk.

It’s really about 3 things:

  • Turning her on and getting her ‘in the mood’ for sex
  • Ramping up her sexual excitement and getting her close to orgasm
  • Sending her over the edge and making the orgasm happen

Magic Words…

It’s the ‘sending her over the edge’ and making the orgasm happen kind of dirty talk – the most powerful kind – that I’m gonna help you with today…

Often times a man will get his woman VERY CLOSE to orgasm, but he’ll fail to ‘send her over the edge’ and actually make it happen.

This leads to a ton of confusion and frustration for both him and his woman.

Fortunately, the solution is VERY SIMPLE.

Here’s what you do…

When you’re woman is right on the verge of orgasm and she just needs something to send her over the edge, you DO NOT change the physical motion you are using.

Whatever you’re doing…

Fingering her, fucking her missionary, doing her ‘from behind’ – it doesn’t matter. Keep doing it the same way…

Same speed, same motion and same pressure.

Then say:

“Come now baby”

That’s it.

That’s all you say:

“Come now baby”

And if you say it with conviction, with the belief in your heart that she’ll actually act upon what you say – something magical will happen…

She’ll OBEY YOU and she’ll have an almighty ORGASM.

And that’s a beautiful thing…

She came because you told her to…

Because you gave her permission to.

How cool is that?

It Gets More Advanced, But Not Any More Difficult…

Dirty talk orgasm

The right words will ‘send her over the edge’

So you’ve said the magic words to her. You’ve said:

“Come now baby”

And being the good girl that she is… she’s done as she’s told and she’s coming for you. She’s enjoying her orgasm.

But you can take things to another level at this point.

Here’s what you do…

Instead of sitting back and watching her orgasm, admiring your handy work…  you CARRY ON TALKING DIRTY to her.

Get your notepad out now, because I’m about to share the ‘good stuff’ with you…

Ready? OK. Here goes:

If you want her to come HARDER, you say:

“Come hard for me”

If you want her to come even harder, you say:

“Come even harder for me baby”

If you want to orgasm to LAST LONGER, you say:

“Keep coming for me baby. Keep coming”

Get it?

This is so simple it’s almost crazy! But it works. And most men don’t do it. And when I say ‘most’  – we’re talking over 99% of men.

So if you talk dirty to your woman in this way…

You’ll totally blow her freakin’ mind. Period.

But There’s Something You Must Know…

For this kind of dirty talk to work – certain things must be ‘right’ in your relationship with your woman. As a rule of thumb, the following is true:

  • Your relationship must be built on a foundation of mutual respect, trust and honesty
  • You must treat her well OUTSIDE the bedroom
  • You must have some kind of emotional connection with her
  • You must have the clitoral orgasms working
  • You should have the vaginal orgasms working

Dirty talk is a wonderful thing. My favourite sexual technique.

It gives you such power…

The power to give your woman ENDLESS PLEASURE and make your love-making sessions incredibly fulfilling.

And in my Dirty Talk Phrases program you’ll discover over 150 proven dirty talk phrases that you can take and use as your own.

Dirty Talk Phrases by Sex Coach Adam Armstrong

I’ll also give you TIPS that’ll help you use the phrases to full effect. This is important because it’s not just WHAT you say to her during sex, but also WHEN and HOW you say it.

I think you’re gonna love Dirty Talk Phrases, so click here to learn more


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