Want a ‘Fast Track’ To Success In Areas of Your Life That Most Men Never Figure Out? Here It Is…


I am not a big ‘why guy.’

I don’t really care why many things work. Not on a really deep level anyway.

I’m a RESULTS guy.

Some people spend their entire lives focusing on one really narrow thing – and gaining God-Like knowledge about that one thing. These are ‘why people.’

I’ll give you an example…

Linus Pauling won all kinds of awards for his research into Vitamin C. The guy probably knew more about Vitamin C than anyone else who has ever lived.

And that’s great.

But it’s not me.

I’m not a ‘why guy.’

See, the problem with being a WHY guy – is that it can stop you from being well-rounded and balanced.

I like to figure out what works – what gets RESULTS – then move onto the next thing. Safe in the knowledge that I’ve got what works sorted in that other area of my life.

I’ll give you an example…

I’m a golf nut.

I love the game.

But I do not read much about the game. You see, I have a coach and I respect him. I trust him – and I do as he asks me to do. And, most importantly – my golf is improving. I’m shooting LOWER scores on a consistent basis.

What sense would it then make for me to sit down every night and read books on WHY everything in the golf swing is how it is?

To me, there’s no point.

Cuz I’m already getting RESULTS.

To a ‘why guy’ – he’ll ‘get off’ on reading and understanding everything he can about a subject.


I’ll focus on RESULTS, thanks.

That thought in mind, I wanna devote the rest of this blog post to sharing some really COMPLEX ‘man stuff’ with you – in a way that makes it seem EASY.

I like to see how few words I can accurately describe something in.

You’ll see what I mean as you read on…

How To Attract Women and Make Them Addicted to You…

Most men never figure this out.

But it’s really quite straight forward:

  • Make the most of your physical appearance (clean teeth, good haircut, dress well and so on)
  • Get a life (otherwise no woman will want to spend long with you)


  • Frequently go to the kinds of places where the types of women you like hang out (otherwise you won’t get to meet them)


  • Be interesting
  • Be funny
  • Be confident

Because those 3 things, in one man, make a woman’s panties WET.


  • Get phone number
  • Take her on a couple dates
  • Give her great sex

That’s it.

She’s addicted to you.

Whether you have sex again or not – well, that’s up to you.

How To Give Women Great Sex…

In as few words as possible:

How To Be ‘Slim and In Shape’:

  • Only eat when you are hungry (do not eat out of boredom)
  • Only eat until you are no longer hungry (do not eat until you are STUFFED)
  • Eat only natural, unprocessed foods (do not eat anything processed)

Follow those 3 simple rules and it’s IMPOSSIBLE to be overweight!

What’s next?

Ah, yes

How To Make A Lot of Money and Enjoy The Process…

Begin by finding your TRUE PASSION.

Then figure out how to monetize it.

And, make sure you help make a positive difference in other people’s lives.

Everyone who I know who is RICH – and HAPPY – has done those 3 simple things:

They’ve found their true passion…

They’ve figured out how to make money from it…

They’ve helped to make a positive difference in people’s lives.


See what I mean?

Sometimes you don’t need to know WHY stuff works.

You just need to know WHAT works. What gets RESULTS.

I hope you found this blog post interesting. And I hope it has a massive, and positive impact on your life.

Talk soon,

Adam Armstrong

P.S. Leave your comments/questions in the area below and I’ll respond asap…


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