Here’s The Answer To The Question – “Are Women More Sexual Than Men?”… The Answer May Shock You…

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Society has conditioned many men to believe that MEN are more sexual than women.

But this is simply not true and leads a lot of men to believe that they have to somehow try to ‘win’ sex from women.

Needless to say – this mentality does not help guys to meet, date, attract or sleep with women.

It’s my firm belief – based on years of personal experience, research and helping other men to master the area of the life I call ‘women and sex’ – that WOMEN are more sexual than men.

“YES” – you did read that correctly…

I said that women are MORE sexual than men.

Allow me to explain…

She Squirted The Length Of The Bed…

A few years back I dated a woman who had such powerful squirting orgasms – she’d project her ejaculate the entire length of the bed. It was quite a site! And something I greatly enjoyed making happen.

What’s interesting is that she could have up to 20 of the squirting orgasms in ONE sexual session. 20!

And what did I do in that same time…

Well, like virtually every guy out there… I ‘blew my load’ once.

Now you might be thinking:

“Well she was just a FREAK. Not every woman is like that”

However, I can tell you that once you’re armed with the correct SEXUAL SKILLS – you can teach ANY woman to become mind-blowingly orgasmic…

Take my current girlfriend as an example…

Over roughly the first 5 or 6 months of our relationship I taught her to have vaginal orgasms, squirting orgasms, nipple orgasms, lip orgasms, anal orgasms, mindgasms and even spanking orgasms.

These days it’s so EASY to make her cum that it’s routine for her to have 7, 8, 9 or 10 orgasms EVERY time we have sex. And that makes the sex so much more rewarding than if I just gave her a single clitoral orgasm (like most men give their women).

Hopefully these examples illustrate just how SEXUAL women really are, and that women are way more sexual than men.

5 Freaky Facts About Female Sexuality…

Still not buying the idea that women are more sexual than men?

Consider these 5 facts…

  • Women have a virtually endless capacity for sexual pleasure. A woman can orgasm multiple times during one sexual session. In contrast – once a man ‘blows his load’… he usually needs at least 10-15 minutes to get hard again
  • Women don’t need genital stimulation in order to orgasm. Indeed, it’s a ton of fun to give your woman nipple orgasms, lip orgasms and my personal favourite – SPANKING orgasms
  • It’s possible to ‘get your woman off’ using just dirty talk. No physical stimulation is actually required. This type of orgasm is called a ‘mindgasm’
  • When most men ejaculate, they’d be lucky to fill a dessert spoon with their semen. But when a woman ejaculates (has a ‘squirting orgasm’), many can drench the bed
  • Many men don’t like the idea of oral sex because they dislike the taste of a woman ‘downstairs.’ In contrast, it’s my personal experience that once you liberate a woman sexually – she will happily and greedily ‘suck you off’ as if her life depended on it

I could go on and on…

But I think you get the point.

This idea that women aren’t sexual and that men are the more sexual of the two sexes is total nonsense.

If you want to become a GREAT LOVER, start off by embracing the fact that women love sex, they want sex and they crave it… but only when it’s REALLY GOOD.

And it’s your job as a man to give your woman REALLY GOOD sex. Do that and she’ll ‘return the favor’ – meaning she’ll give you as much PLEASURE as you could reasonably ever want.

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